10 Tips to Boost Your Most Valuable Website Leads: Telephone Calls

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September 1, 2016

10 Tips to Boost Your Most Valuable Website Leads  Telephone Calls 0

All leads are not the same.

Many practices still concentrate their attention and measure website marketing success using email form submissions and live chat leads.

Of course these types of leads are important. But hands down, the most valuable lead for your practice is a live person calling your office and engaging with your trained intake person.

Telephone-generated leads convert into consultations and new business at a much higher rate than digital text (email/chat) leads for two main reasons.  First, consumers that are willing to call are typically more committed to making a decision.  Second, your intake staff is much more comfortable, trained and effective at handling telephone leads.   In fact, their primary goal in email lead follow up is to simply get the prospect on the phone.

Here are 10 quick, yet frequently overlooked tips for your practice to convert more visitors into valuable phone calls.

  1. Frequency – Many practices have a phone number neatly placed in the banner of their website and feel that is enough.  Strategically place the phone number in different places throughout the page, including within the body of text.  In high converting websites, it is not unusual to see the phone number in 3-4 different places on the page.  Like in most marketing, frequency is not a bad thing if you want visitors to take a specific action.  
  2. Placement – If the phone number is placed high in the banner or above it, the most compelling imagery that grabs the attention of the visitor is below the number and at that point, visitors’ eyes start moving down the page.  Thus, the phone number is never even seen by visitors; until they see it elsewhere (see above) or go to the “Contact Us” page.  Another key place to put your phone number is at the top of all quick contact email forms on your page.  Let visitors know this is the primary means (not email) to communicate with your office.    
  3. Font – Bumping up the font size, bolding, and even changing the font type can make your phone number much more obvious on the page and prompt visitors to take the next step in contacting your office.
  4. Color – In addition to font, creating more visual contrast using color can also get your phone number to stand out and get users to call.  In many cases creating a call-to-action accent color in the design color palate can make your phone number more visible, but not become an eye sore.
  5. Call-To-Action Elements – Try adding your phone number to graphic “call-to-action” images and give them click-to-call capability.  You will see your promotional elements effectiveness increase.
  6. Copy Support – In some cases, adding some descriptive text can subconsciously give them greater reason to call.  For example, referring to your number as a “hotline” or to offer more immediate help/assistance can give your phone number more value.  Also, describing its use can also help motivate your visitors to call.  Suggestions can include: “For a Free Evaluation,” “Schedule Your Consultation,” or simply “Call us with your questions.”
  7. Contact Us Page – In many cases, your Contact Us Page is one of your top visited website pages. To make it more effective:

                  A)  Minimize the amount of items, links and distractions.  The primary goal for this page is to get them to contact your practice.  

                  B)  Again, lead the page with a phone call-related action, not simply place a large email contact form. Don’t give visitors the impression email is your preferred means to communicate.  Position the phone       number at the top and provide some descriptive support, like “For more immediate and personal assistance, Call Us at XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

  1. Think Mobile – We all know that a growing number of your website visitors are accessing your site with a smartphone.  Make sure your phone number is a key design element and touch-to-call interactive in your compressed view of your website. 
  2. Phone Number vs. Icon – In an attempt to make the mobile website efficient, many designs will use a hyper-linked phone graphic icon instead of an actual phone number.  Although the icon may give provide more space for other design elements and make your design more aesthetically pleasing, it may also reduce phone visibility and conversions.  If you like the look of an icon, use both.
  3. Timely Exposure – One important strategy that most internet marketers overlook when trying to generate more phone calls is the timing of your exposure.  What I am referring to here is when you spend money to drive visitors to your website or pages, specifically through paid advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, etc.). Concentrate more of your direct response advertising to times when consumers know you are open and available to speak to them.  Driving traffic during days and times you office is closed diminishes your conversions to leads.  And even when leads do come in during off hours, they grow cold quickly and put your intake staff in “chase” mode.