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Daniel Brophy - Social Media Specialist
January 16, 2019

5 ways to marketing your practice via facebook messengerIf you were to make a list of the top forecasted marketing trends in 2019, Facebook Messenger marketing would definitely make the cut.

Currently, some 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month! This fact highlights just how it important it is for businesses to be active and engaged on their Facebook page. Online users message brands to inquire about products and services, schedule and hours, or to give feedback and/or receive support for previous purchases and experiences.

By neglecting your Messenger inbox, you may not only be missing out on tremendous marketing opportunities, but you also risk upsetting your existing audience. Now I will share with you 5 ways you can leverage Messenger to delight your customers and grow your practice!

1. Be Active and Responsive in Your Messenger Inbox

The first, most obvious way to utilize Messenger as part of your social media marketing strategy is to be present and ready to respond to all incoming messages promptly. Facebook is the focus of this article, but if you are...

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Samuel Solis - Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
January 11, 2019

Every website is going to be somewhat different and unique not only to the business it represents but also to the audience that it serves. However, there are a few standard features that every website should have in order to do three main things:

  • Inform users with great content
  • Engage users with images of your business
  • Get business by generating leads

Provide Useful and Unique Information

If you’ve done any research on how to approach digital marketing and websites, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” This statement is true: A website is essentially a container for information regarding your business, how to contact your office and what makes your business better or different than others like it.

For our legal and medical clients, it’s not only important to detail the types of cases you take and procedures you perform but also your expertise. A recent Google algorithm update made the onsite and offsite E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) of medical and legal providers more important for search engine rankings than before.

Blog Authorship Example

For your onsite content, this means providing...

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Bill Fukui - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
January 10, 2019

Last week, I shared some insights on factoring a volatile economy into your 2019 marketing plans. For most elective, fee-for-service-based practices (plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, LASIK, etc.) a declining economy historically translated into a drop in consumer search activity and lead generation, and an increasing need to effectively compete for more market share.

This week, I want to paint a different picture for firms in the legal industry.

Having marketed law firms for over 25 years (long before Google), some of our team members have been through multiple swings in the economy over that time.  Generally speaking, we saw the majority our attorney firm clients (primarily in personal injury) experience an increase in consumer interest and generate more leads and cases during declining economic times. 

Contrary to service providers that offer expensive, elective services that may be viewed more as “luxury purchases,” law firms of all types can benefit from an increase in consumer interest in legal services during tight economic times. 

For example, the following Google Trends charts show the volume of Google search activity for “accident attorney” and “car accident attorney” during the 2008 recession:


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John Gaumnitz - Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
January 08, 2019
Page 1 Solutions has been working with Dr. Donald Wilcox of Desert Smiles since 2011, and more recently with Dr. Tenney since he acquired the practice in October of 2018.  Dr. Nathan Tenney comes to Desert Smiles following four years of service in the United States Army. As a lead dentist for the Army, Captain Tenney was committed to implementing new technologies such as 3D x-rays and intraoral scanning, helping our troops maintain optimal oral health.  Desert Smiles as a whole is committed to providing the finest and most current dental care available in a relaxed, comfortable environment and they work hard to build long-term relationships with their patients.  All these benefits make Desert Smiles the best dental practice in the valley, for patients in Glendale, AZ. 
 "It has been a pleasure to work with the entire staff at Desert Smiles over the last 8 years and to be apart of this new chapter with Dr. Tenney.  We have come a long way since 2011 and I am really excited for what the future holds!"...
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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
January 07, 2019

The heartland is a place where people get to know their neighbors and come together when they need help. Although they are in different states and practice different types of law, both of the new website designs for these law firms use custom photography to create a neighborly atmosphere that helps potential clients get to know the attorneys who can help them in their time of need.

Here is a look at the legal website designs that went live at the end of last year:

William R. Noelker Attorney at Law, PLLC

mobile-first website design for William R. Noelker Attorney at Law

- Practice areas: Bankruptcy, corporate and business law, hemp law

- Date Website Went Live: December 3, 2018

- URL:

- Quote from Internet Marketing Consultant Noel Cantner on the new website for William R. Noelker Attorney at Law, PLLC:

Noel Cantner, intennet marketing consultant at Page 1 Solutions"Attorney William Noelker is an ideal...

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Dana Fox - Vice President of Practice Development
January 04, 2019

As a medical professional, you might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest, top-of-the-line equipment for your practice but hesitate at the cost of hiring a digital marketing firm. After all, you might think, it doesn’t take much effort to post on social media or write a blog or two for your website.

Unfortunately, this kind of DIY marketing is often not feasible in the long run. Doctors, surgeons, and other professionals are often much too busy to have time to write blog posts every month, post on social media every day, or learn the technical side of SEO. While most of you are highly creative, marketing isn’t your chosen specialty – patient care is where you shine. While there are some things you can definitely do on your own, you most likely won’t get the kind of ROI that a marketing agency will through a multi-channel strategy for engaging prospective patients and promoting your practice.

How Much Time Does Digital Marketing Really Take?

The world of digital marketing is incredibly broad, and most marketing...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
January 02, 2019

Happy New Year! We welcome 2019 with a look at one of the custom website designs that fills our team with pride.

Allure Medi-Spa is a destination for non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation in Pennsylvania's Main Line area. The new design captures attention by taking visitors on a digital tour of the office. Custom photos take prospective patients inside the medical spa via their computer or mobile device, and then provide easy appointment scheduling, access to special offers, and more.

Allure Medi-Spa

mobile-first website design for Allure Medi-Spa

- Services: Body contouring, injectables, skin treatments

- Date Website Went Live: December 6, 2018

- URL:

- Quote from Internet Marketing Consultant Noel Cantner on the new Allure Medi-Spa website:

Noel Cantner, Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions"The new Allure Medi-Spa website does a wonderful job of incorporating real-life staff and...

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Bill Fukui - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
January 01, 2019

Happy New Year! 

I wish you and your practice a happy and prosperous 2019!

However, my well wishes alone will have little impact on your results for the coming year, so we will continue to share marketing insights and provide hands-on recommendations to those that reach out.

2019 A Changing Consumer Market

Unlike planning in recent years, one important element that your 2019 marketing plans need to address is a volatile financial market. Many consumer-driven, professional service provider industries are impacted by major and longer lasting swings in the financial market and shifts in consumer confidence. 2018, particularly the last quarter, saw significant drops in both. This has created rising concerns about the economy as a whole.

Although this does not mean we are heading for another recession, practices would be wise to incorporate this into their marketing plans and strategies to ensure growth in 2019, regardless of what happens on Wall Street.

For instance, in 2007, most plastic surgery practices were overflowing with prosperity and did not see or prepare for changes that were happening in the economy. Within a year, many plastic surgery practice were hit hard as the industry saw all...

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Jill Messinger - Social Media Specialist
December 19, 2018

With 2019 just around the corner, now is the time for digital marketers and practice owners to begin mapping out a social media strategy for the new year. Following a rather tumultuous year for social media, platforms were required to make major changes in order to regain users’ trust and correct flawed data protection policies.

Many of these changes will continue to affect the social media trends we expect to see in the next year. Read on for a prediction of the top 4 social media trends you're most likely to see in 2019!

Rebuilding User Trust

In 2019, the name of the game will be transparency. Following Facebook's data breach scandal last year, millions of Facebook users began deleting the app and updating their privacy settings in an attempt to distance themselves from the scandal. Brands will need to regain social media users’ trust by generating more transparent, genuine content across all social platforms. By utilizing strategies such as Live video (more on this below), influencer marketing, and original content, brands can build trust with users and ultimately restore their audience's confidence in social media as a whole.

Additionally, platforms such as Instagram and Twitter will continue to crack down on fake followers as a means of...

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Bill Fukui - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
December 18, 2018

Updating your website should be part of your 2019 digital marketing plans. Whether that means simple updates, adding strategic calls-to-action elements, modifying your mobile display, or building a whole new site, your website needs to adjust to your changing online audience.

Many practices have opinions about what they think should be changed, but have no data to substantiate those decisions.  Thus, they do nothing; or wait for their webmaster to provide recommendations and suggestions that never come.

If you are looking to make updates for 2019, but need more than just a gut feeling, here are 4 easy-to-do steps to leverage Google Analytics and actual user data.  Use them to gain insights and guide your website updates to ensure they have a positive impact on your ROI in the coming year.

Step #1

Access your website’s Google Analytics.  You can’t make user-driven updates to your website if you do not know how your visitors are engaging with your website and target “destination” pages. Relying solely on hunches and your own personal preferences isn’t the most accurate way to improve results.  Google Analytics data is essential.

One thing to also keep in mind; the analytics reports webmasters typically provide are intended to justify your continued payment, not to diagnosis issues or uncover new...

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