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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
October 02, 2018

Custom photos are a great way to bring prospective clients into your office and introduce them to your team. That's why the best-looking websites have a robust collection of original pictures, rather than stock.

Let's take a look at two new custom websites for attorneys and law firms who have opted for an original online aesthetic:

Lewis Kuhn Swan PC

tablet, desktop, and smartphone views of Lewis Kuhn Swan PC custom law firm website design

- Practice areas: Employment law, insurance bad faith, legal malpractice

- Date website went live: Sept. 6, 2018

- URL:

- Quote from Noel Cantner, Internet Marketing Consultant, on working with Lewis Kuhn Swan:

Noel Cantner, internet marketing consultant at Page 1 Solutions"Lewis Kuhn Swan serves a professional audience. The website design does a great job of...

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Saralyn Ward - Marketing and Communications Manager
September 28, 2018

Today, Page 1 Solutions’ President Dan Goldstein and Strategic Edge Partners’ President Dana Fox announced a new chapter for the two companies as they join forces to offer a more robust and comprehensive scope of medical marketing services.

Dana Fox is a trusted and renowned consultant who has spent the last 30 years pioneering the art of branding for cosmetic surgeons. She has built three companies, published a book on medical marketing, advised industry boards, partnered with Mentor, Allergan and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and advised countless medical professionals on the best way to grow their business.  Now, the next phase of Fox’s career will be as Vice President of Practice Development at Page 1 Solutions.

“With her experience and the broad range of marketing services she offers, Dana Fox will bring a lot of value to Page 1 Solutions and our clients,” said Dan Goldstein, president and owner of Page 1 Solutions. “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dana for years. I’ve always admired her reputation and knowledge. I’m very excited to inform our clients that she is part of the Page 1 family, and that we can now offer an even broader range of services.”

Page 1 Solutions’ services for medical professionals will now include:

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Bill Fukui - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
September 22, 2018
Sometimes getting to the first page of important Google search results isn’t enough.  
In many cases, it’s even more valuable to get listed in the local map pack listings. Not only are those listings typically higher on the page than traditional organic listings, they are visually more compelling and have additional information like your phone number, reviews, address, hours, links to your website and directions.  
In most cases, local business/map results appear for users searching for businesses near their location. Google map results may appear for a variety of keyword searches, particularly those that include “near me”.   So how can you get more practice exposure in this section of all-important Google search results?   We will try to address this opportunity by answering some frequently asked questions about Google map listing.
“What is the difference between optimizing for map listings and traditional organic results?”
Strategies to get listed in Google’s local map pack are very different than trying to get high listing in the traditional organic results.  The main difference between Google map pack results and traditional organic...
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Samuel Solis - Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
September 21, 2018

graphic showing stages of the marketing funnelThe concept of the Buyer's Journey or Purchase Funnel is something that has guided marketing efforts for quite some time. If you’re not sure what the Buyer’s Journey is, then take a look at a previous blog post that explains the different parts of the journey and what strategies are applicable to each stage of the concept.

In this post I’m going to lay out some funnel-based campaigns for each of our syndications at Page 1 Solutions: Legal, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentists. However, these strategies can be applied to any business with some tweaking.

The one prerequisite for these campaigns to perform at their best is to have a good amount of assets that you can use for the various stages. For example: videos, blog posts, social media presence, landing pages, etc. all work together to enhance different phases of the buyer’s journey.


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Daniel Brophy - Social Media Specialist
September 12, 2018

facebook is here to stay as a viable social media marketing channel

Last week, a Pew Research survey indicated that Americans are changing their relationship with Facebook. I did a brief write-up last week discussing why this might be happening, and what it means for brands and businesses that rely on the platform as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.

To recap, we have to keep in mind that Facebook is a product, albeit a very unique one. Facebook was truly groundbreaking, and it has largely and continually paved the way for the greater social media industry. But it is a product, and as with all products, there is an inherent life-cycle. Over time, we cannot expect that consumer perceptions of Facebook, nor our relationship with it, can remain unchanged forever.

And indeed, Facebook has in many ways lost its innocence. Negative perceptions of Facebook—and social media in general—have gradually...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
September 12, 2018

The longstanding relationship between Page 1 Solutions and SalesLeadership, Inc. is one of mutual benefit and respect. For more than 15 years, our account services and sales team members have grown through hands-on training with company president and founder Colleen Stanley.

For her recent website residesign, Colleen made it a priority to highlight her experience as an acclaimed speaker, sales trainer, and author while also providing easy access to a range of complimentary online resources on sales development and consulting services. Let's take a look at the new website design for:

SalesLeadership, Inc.

The main menu balances straightfoward labeling of services with access to a wide range of different sections. Many resources on the website are available for free, including webinars, podcasts, eBooks, and more. Colleen appears in original videos throughout the website to answer common questions about sales training and address issues frequently faced by sales teams.

Colleen and her team feature prominently in custom photos of the sales training workshops. These interactive and informative sessions help salespeople and their managers learn selling skills and emotional intelligence abilities that drive more leads and close more deals.

In addition to information on the training and consulting programs at SalesLeadership, Inc., the new...

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Jake Johnson - Internet Marketing Consultant
September 11, 2018

Theodore Roosevelt said it best: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Even if President Roosevelt didn’t realize it, this statement couldn’t be more true to marketing. When you make an emotional connection with your potential clients, they are more likely to buy from you.

In the legal and medical industries, the question for many potential clients and patients becomes: Why? Why do I need veneers? Why do I need this lip filler? Why should I get a lawyer? If your answer is to automatically say, “Because it can improve your life,” I urge you to reevaluate. For a moment, step out of your professional shoes and into those of your client.

Rather than say “because you need it,” tell them why. Market yourself to their emotional side and say: “You told me that you were self-conscious about smiling. I KNOW we can change that with these veneers.” By being empathetic and showing an understanding of where your clients are coming from, you’re able to build a rapport.

Put Empathy in Action

By doing so, you’re able to show clients that you have their best interest at heart.  You’re able to do this by asking about their personal lives, taking an interest in them and really listening. Your clients will more than likely talk about their favorite subject: themselves. This allows for you to truly have your finger on the pulse. When...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
September 10, 2018

Visuals are important for any doctor providing cosmetic services. With the launch this month of a duo of custom websites for plastic surgery practices, Page 1 Solutions has transported the aesthetic of two pristine offices to an eye-catching digital environment.

Here's a look at the latest plastic surgery website designs by Page 1 Solutions:

Renue Aesthetic Surgery

custom website design for Renue Aesthetic Surgery - Victor Perez, MDBoard-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez emphasizes personalized care and superior results. The before-and-after gallery on his new website provides many examples of the quality standard at Renue Aesthetic Surgery, with photos of patients who have undergone tummy tuck surgery, nonsurgical skin care, and many procedures in between.

Custom images throughout the website, including the banners and sections of the home page, feature Dr. Perez and his staff. Visitors who access multiple pages on the site will not only get a tour of the office but also see aspects of different services at Renue Aesthetic...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
September 07, 2018

Page 1 Solutions has been providing website design and development for attorneys for over 15 years. This month we are proud to announce the launch of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new websites for our clients in the legal field!

These four law firms might hail from different parts of the country, but they all share one thing in their new websites: a deft use of custom design. Let's take a look at the latest legal websites designed and developed by Page 1 Solutions: three for personal injury law firms, and one for an elite pre-settlement financing company.

Legal Capital Corp

custom website design for Legal Capital Corp - views on tablet, desktop, and smartphonePage 1 Solutions serves attorneys throughout North America, but we are also proud to offer services to businesses that assist law firms and their clients alike. Legal Capital Corp is the latest example of a client in this latter category.

Based in Chicago and serving clients nationwide, Legal Capital Corp provides funds to plaintiffs who need help meeting their financial needs while awaiting the...

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Daniel Brophy - Social Media Specialist
September 06, 2018

Facebook has dominated the social media space and much of the greater online landscape for the last decade or more. Facebook essentially wrote the book on what it means to be a social media platform. At the end of the day, it is a product. And all products go through a life-cycle. Facebook may very well be entering into more of a maturity phase. It is inevitable to see a shift in user behavior and consumer perceptions of the platform. 

However, negative Facebook news seems to have accelerated change. Pew Research indicates Americans are changing their relationship with Facebook. This is particularly true with Millennials. Does this spell the end of Facebook's reign as a highly effective marketing channel? Not by a long shot.

In the last year, a number of events have triggered backlash against Facebook, largely amid controversies surrounding online privacy and ethical data usage. These are of course very legitimate and important concerns, but they are not confined solely...

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