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Christian Stack - Internet Marketing Consultant
April 10, 2019

Google No Longer Allows Review Gating or Cherry Picking Reviews

Google changed its Terms of Service in the last year on the policies concerning reviews on your Google My Business profile. This change is centered on what is known as review gating, also known as cherry picking reviews.

This change in policy directly affects the reviews and reputation management of many practices, as well as reviews and ratings platforms that are used to solicit reviews from clients and patients. But what does this change mean for you exactly?

Read on to learn what has changed and what you need to know about it.

What’s Different about the Review Policy

young woman writing 5-star review on your laptopSo what exactly has changed? Google’s Terms of Service now includes this language: “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” Basically, this means that Google has now clearly made it against policy to only ask for positive reviews, or to not allow negative reviews to be posted to your Google Business Listing.

Google knows that many...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
April 09, 2019

At Page 1 Solutions, we are always proud to help provide a smooth transition when a new dentist takes over one of our clients' practices. Dr. Sue Wendling was a longtime client of Page 1 Solutions. When she decided to retire and sell her practice, our team worked with her successor, Dr. Keith Ogawa, to set him up for success.

To drive success for his new practice, Contemporary Dental Health, we designed and developed a new website for Dr. Ogawa. Here's a look at the custom, mobile-first website we created for him:

Contemporary Dental Health

custom, mobile-first website design for Contemporary Dental Health - Dr. Keith Ogawa

- Practice areas: Dental implants, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers

- Date website went live: March 26, 2019

- Website:

- Quote from Internet Marketing Consultant Noel Cantner:

Noel Cantner, Internet Marketing Consultant, Page 1 Solutions"This website redesign was much-...

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Bill Fukui - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
April 08, 2019

Practices understand the importance of securing high Google rankings for important search queries your target audiences use to research your services and find you. Unfortunately, most practices have felt trapped and unable to directly impact their own rankings.  

However, I want to share 5 tips that you and your team can start implementing to impact your Google rankings, particularly those that participate in their website’s content, branding, calls-to-action, etc.

What Matters To Google; How You Can Help Yourself

There are hundreds of constantly changing ranking factors Google uses to index search results.  Yet, like most things, there are fundamental elements that make up the foundation, and those remain fairly consistent.  It’s why ranking results change, but not drastically from one day to the next.

Moz (an industry-leading SEO resource) conducted its 2018 Local Organic Ranking Factors and identified the top three:

  • Link Signals
  • On-page Signals
  • Behavioral Signals

The first two, generally rely more heavily on your SEO specialist and agency to improve. Implementing internal link strategies and attracting credible, relevant and authoritative incoming links can make up as much as half of your SEO specialist’s time.  On-site optimization also is typically managed by an SEO specialist,...

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Andrea Kalan - Internet Marketing Consultant
April 08, 2019

Every business needs a website. It allows customers to find you when searching for services in their area, and even if they already know your name, it allows them to research your offerings, compare you against your competitors, and make contact with you when they’re ready.

Some website designs are based on a template, while others are entirely customized. Every website is going to be a little different depending on its industry, unique brand, and target audience, but there are some key elements you should consider to get the best marketing results from your website.

Is It Well Designed?

First impressions are everything. Your website will need to appear interesting, helpful, and easy to use so visitors stay on your site and don’t hit the back button! A good website will make you money, so don’t be afraid to invest in its design.


Your website will be the foundation of all your marketing, so don’t skip important branding steps. If you already have a logo and brand identity, you will use this to plan the look and feel of your website. If you have not fully established a brand, take the time to discover your target personas and create a thoughtful branding guide that can be used in all of your marketing (including your website). Your brand will convey through your images and content what makes you unique and connect with your...

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Shannon Doyle - Social Media Specialist
April 05, 2019

As many of you know, a Facebook ad is an advertisement displayed on Facebook that includes various targeting and placement options. Facebook ads typically function as long-term campaigns that help reach specific long-term marketing goals, such as creating brand awareness, generating traffic to a webpage, or obtaining new leads. Facebook ads can be created using several popular campaign types such as likes, clicks-to-website, and native lead generation.

Boosted posts are Facebook posts that are “boosted” with a paid budget. In many ways, boosted posts function like ads, but they are able to reach both organic and paid audiences. Boosted posts help increase engagement and generate brand awareness.

So, when you see that a post is performing well organically, meaning it is resonating with your audience, applying a paid boost can bolster that momentum. It ensures that more of your fans and followers see it, and maybe even people you haven't even connected with yet. Boosted posts are also great for targeting niche audiences with content that is specific to them, or for campaigns that have a small budget.

There are a few key differences between boosted posts and Facebook ads, such as:

  • ...
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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
April 03, 2019

A pioneering cosmetic and medical practice deserves a cutting-edge design. Joan M. Hardt, M.D., was the very first doctor to open a medical spa and laser clinic in her native Oklahoma City. Now the website for Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center has a custom design that exemplifies the elegant atmosphere of the office and the commitment to quality results for which Dr. Hardt and her team always strive.

Let's take a closer look at the mobile-first, custom upgrade for the Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center website:

Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center

custom website design for Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center in Oklahoma City

- Practice areas: Injectables and fillers, laser treatments, skin care

- Date website went live: March 1, 2019

- URL:

- Quote from Internet Marketing Consultant Noel Cantner:

Internet Marketing Consultant Noel Cantner"I'm thrilled about the launch of the new Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center website. Joan M...

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Andrew Gregor - Internet Marketing Consultant
March 29, 2019

Dr. Renuka Diwan, Board Certified Dermatologist and owner of Cleveland’s Laser and Skin Surgery Center, deeply cares about her patients and the results that they are desperately wanting. With Dr. Diwan’s “progressive approach”, she takes the desired results of her patients and builds out the best plan for each individual person. Between her vast array of services and 26 years of experience, she’s able to educate and cater to each individual person to deliver some of the best results we’ve seen. Not only does Dr. Diwan produce amazing results, she performs extensive research on any procedure or machine that she may consider bringing into her practice to offer to her patients.

“It has been such a pleasure working with Dr. Diwan and the team at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center. One of my favorite things about Dr. Diwan is that she thinks of her patients first. She wants to help them with their concerns and insecurities, and builds her entire practice around that goal. Delivering amazing results is one thing, but the amount of care and research she puts into her practice day-after-day is outstanding. With this being said, I am delighted to honor Dr. Diwan as our Client of the Month.” ...

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Daniel Brophy - Social Media Specialist
March 29, 2019

Facebook Ads Event Lead Generation Results


One of our clients, a plastic surgeon and his staff, routinely hosts CoolSculpting events at each of their practice locations. They have faced some difficulty in the past with promoting these events and reaching their goals for attendance.

Events are a great way to raise awareness of your practice and services. Sponsoring an event full of fun activities, giveaways, and exclusive offers for attendees can help attract new potential patients and both delight and potentially upsell your existing patient base.

Our client’s traditional approach to promote these events has been to use an external landing page for event sign-ups—with or without driving paid traffic to it—or a Facebook Event Page along with the Event Responses ad campaign type. These approaches have produced mixed results in the past, so the client agreed to let us try a new strategy of using Facebook Leads ads to gather RSVPs to the event.


We immediately recognized...

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Andrew Gregor - Internet Marketing Consultant
March 28, 2019

Budgets are fun, right?!

Not really, but budgets do keep us financially in line with our goals. Whether you are budgeting for your next vacation or making your yearly budget for marketing your practice, there is a goal for each of these budgets. So the real question is: What is your goal?

When creating your marketing budget, write out a list of goals that you have for your practice. The first thing that comes to mind is… profit! Obviously my goal is to increase revenue year-after-year, but how do I do that? Spend more money on PPC leads? Expand my practice? How?!

If investing into more PPC leads was the one and only way to generate a certain amount of business, we all would be putting our advertising dollars there and only there. Your potential clients need to have trust in you and your business, and that starts with many other items to tackle besides PPC.

First off, we need to take a look at some things that you might not think directly correlates with increasing revenue:


How have my patients or clients rated my business? Am I viewed as an industry leader, or do my reviews reflect my work negatively? Nowadays it’s hard to offer a product or service that isn’t already offered by another person or company. Why does this matter, though, and how is it going to increase my...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
March 27, 2019

SEO is not all about organic rankings. And yet, many marketers continue to promote the idea that a place in positions 1 through 10 is not just the one and only goal of SEO, but the foremost goal of any digital marketing campaign.

This is an oversimplification. And, if you opt for simple solutions, you will only see simple results. That’s why Page 1 Solutions advocates a multi-channel approach to marketing that emphasizes a complement of strategies and KPIs. Some strategies improve SEO (organic rankings, local listings, backlink profiles, and more). Some improve client engagement and education. Some improve online reputation. Some improve lead generation.

However, what they ALL do is drive visibility for the client’s brand and improve the likelihood that a website visitor becomes a lead.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing channels that naysayers claim have no effect on SEO. In some cases, this 1+1 arithmetic is right. However, I encourage you to think beyond the simple answer for success, and reconsider what success means in crowded online marketplaces.

marketing news flash: improve search engine results

How Does Video Affect SEO?


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