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ASAPS 2016 - What Is Inbound Marketing & How Do I Attract More Patients Through Automated Marketing

If you were not able to attend Bill Fukui's presentation at the Practice Changers course at The ASAPS Meeting in Las Vegas, you can watch it now!

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Why You Need More Than Price When Comparing Website Design Firms

So what is the cost to develop a new website?

Well, it is difficult to simply give a cost without addressing a number of variables that will impact the cost, time and complexity of building an effective, lead-generating website. 

Actually, simply asking for the cost of a website limits your ability to really get the information you need to determine the best website marketing partner fit, and reach your goals.

Here’s a little perspective.

Generally speaking, the cost of a fully-custom, responsive website, it can range from $5,000 up to $20,000+.  The reason for such a broad range is because how a website is built should reflect the goals of the practice within its unique competitive environment, and how it needs to perform targeted objectives. 

Web Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – March 2016

March is home to the start of spring. Two of Page 1 Solutions’ longtime plastic surgery clients commemorated the season of rejuvenation by launching their redesigned practice websites this month.

Let’s take a look at what makes these cutting-edge redesigns special.

Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery - New Web DesignThe new website for Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery takes users right to the practice doorstep. The home page features a picture of the exterior of the center, while internal pages display snapshots of the inside of the office and waiting room.

I Feel Like I Know You: Building Trust and Relationships with Video

Last week I had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a client of ours while I was in Canada for a long weekend. Dr. Gordon Chee, a cosmetic dentist in Calgary, and I went out to breakfast and visited his dental practice, Aesthetic Dental Studio

At the end of our meeting, he said “I’m so glad we met! I told my wife last night that I felt like I was going on a blind date!”

“Really?” I questioned. “Not me… I felt like I already knew you!”

While Dr. Chee has been with Page 1 Solutions for nine years and I have been his account manager for more than three years, it occurred to me that he’s only heard my voice and seen a static image of me in my email signature. I, however, have watched Dr. Chee in many videos and already had a strong visual connection with him even though I hadn’t yet met him in person. 

But through his video marketing efforts, I felt like I really KNEW Dr. Chee!

Bigfoot & Unicorns: Why SEO Is So Hard

Bigfoot & Unicorns

I know that sometimes it seems as though SEO is some mythical creature mysteriously wandering the Internet. Certainly there are moments when spotting Bigfoot or a unicorn appears more realistic than knowing what Google is up to and how it effects your SEO. Google is always changing the game, that's for sure, which is what keeps us on our toes and constantly looking for the next SEO unicorn. There are definitely proven tactics for SEO, such as fresh content, clean meta data, concentrating on geo terms, etc., but there are still many uncertainties for Search, which is what can make it so hard.

Why Invest In A Legal Mobile-Responsive Website?

In today’s market, it is necessary to invest in a mobile-responsive website.  The mobile audience is dominating the search engines.  It is essential to accommodate those mobile viewers by giving them the best user experience.   Having a mobile-responsive site will also significantly affect your SEO results.   

Watch this video to learn more:  

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Stop The Madness – March Forward with a Plan

We are in the middle of March Madness.  The reason it is referred to as "Madness" is the unpredictable nature of selecting winners in a 64-team basketball tournament. Things don’t always happen the way you think they “should.”

Heavy favorites like Michigan State go down to teams most have never heard of (By the way, who are the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, and where are they from?).

Similar to March Madness, many practices pick Internet marketing providers with the same confidence as winners in a bracket, only to find themselves picking another provider the following year and the year after that.

Case Study: How Inbound Marketing Benefited an NYC Plastic Surgery Practice

Inbound marketing is a powerful tool for enhancing the performance of a practice website that is already generating traffic and leads. Find out how Allure Plastic Surgery in New York City engaged prospects at multiple stages of the buyer's journey to drive conversions for the practice's liposuction, breast augmentation, and facelift services: