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#Page1MktChat Recap: Psychology of Marketing

Page 1 Solutions has officially relaunched our twitter chat. In this weeks chat, David Boutin (@dmboutin) of The Social Quant stopped by #page1mktchat to share his thoughts and insights about the psychology of marketing, what goes into an effective social strategy, and how you can use elements of psychology to boost your social media results.

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Q1: What can be gained by studying the psychology behind what goes into marketing?

From David

Should I Have a Responsive Website?

Different screen displays of a responsive web design

Are you planning for a new website this year or wondering if your current site needs an update? If so, in your research you’ve no doubt heard about the importance of a responsive Web design. How is this different than your desktop site or even your mobile site, if you have one? Let’s take a look at the difference and how websites have evolved over recent years.

The Shift to Mobile-First Design

With many passing design trends and the evolution of technology, websites have come a long way in a very short time. Users have become more discerning and demanding of how the sites they visit look and function.

The following dominant design practices have consequently become not just obsolete, but potentially harmful to your practice:

How to Brand Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

As a practice owner and professional service provider, you have worked hard to reach your current position. But what about your website positioning? How can you increase website referrals to your business and improve your ranking in search results?

It all comes down to trustworthiness.

People have trusted their friends to make reliable referrals to personal service professionals for decades, but today everyone has a trusted friend in Google.

Many prospective clients turn to Google when searching for professional services and most people are looking for results based on expertise. In consideration of this consumer behavior, Google has weighted the trustworthiness – read: accuracy – of website content in their algorithm. Google will position results from accurate sources higher than popular ones, in an effort to present information that consumers can trust.

How does that affect your current branding strategy?

What Is the ROI on Visual Content?

Pictures say a thousand words, so it’s no wonder that Internet users love visually compelling, digestible content. But even though prospects might be thrilled by custom visual content like infographics, Slideshare presentations, and quizzes, can these items really drive leads and revenue to your practice?

The answer is yes!

Here are three reasons why visual content is an effective strategy for marketing your practice. We will also look at an example of a client who saw his leads increase within a month of beginning a visual content campaign.

Visual Content Is Memorable

With so many sources of information on the Web, it can be hard to stand out. Your competitors likely offer many of the same services you do, and they are striving to earn the attention and business of many of your target clients.

Client of the Month: Dr. Chris Walton

Dr. Chris J. Walton has been with Page 1 Solutions since January 2015. He has made LASIK and cataract surgery the primary focus of his practice in Mobile, Alabama. To date, 100 percent of Dr. Walton’s LASIK patients have achieved 20/20 vision or better using the Allegretto Wave® laser, one of the most advanced lasers on the market.

Dr. Walton received his formal Residency training at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. He then completed specialized fellowship training in corneal surgery and refractive surgery at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Very few doctors have this dual training, and it has helped Dr. Walton become recognized as one of the premier refractive surgeons on the Gulf Coast.

Display Advertising / Retargeting / Video Pre-Roll Ads

Early on, display advertising was seen as simply banner ads that generated nothing but low quality exposure to random audiences. It led marketers to conclude display advertising was not an effective way to market online and to focus on only SEO to attract quality traffic.

But like everything on the Web, things have changed!


Online Consumers Are Changing

Today, online users are spending more time on a wider variety of platforms, websites and apps than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, Google remains an important resource, but it no longer dominates the amount of time and activities consumers spend online.

Instagram's New Business Features: What it Means for You

This past week Instagram announced its new business tools to come. It’s no doubt that in today's digital world, the visually pleasing social media platform that is Instagram continues to grow. With over 400 million active monthly users and 80 million photos posted per day, Instagram is one platform that brands are trying to utilize in their digital marketing strategies. Although this mobile only app has provided challenges for brands in the past, Instagram is making it a little bit easier for businesses to gauge success through the announcement of three new ‘tools’ that will allow businesses to target better and grow their following.

The Page 1 Solutions Twitter Chat is Making a Comeback!

The Social Media Team and all of us at Page 1 Solutions are excited to announce that our #page1mktchat Twitter chat will soon be coming back in full swing! Beginning in late June, we will be hosting our chat on a bi-monthly basis.

Whether you are a dentist, lawyer, ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon looking to enhance the success of your practice, or an online marketing enthusiast looking to strengthen your knowledge and grow your online community, you won't want to miss this! In each chat, we will collaboratively discuss a specific topic related to social media and digital marketing.

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