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How Do I Budget for Comprehensive Online Marketing?

Many legal, plastic surgery, dental, and ophthalmology practices have invested in one or, at most, a handful of Internet marketing channels to drive leads to their website. For many years, this was often an effective way to spend your practice marketing dollars. However, as Page 1 Solutions President Dan Goldstein discusses in his new eBook “Win With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing,” a limited strategy is no longer a viable solution for capturing online leads.

So how can practice owners invest their marketing budget to build a more comprehensive strategy without breaking the bank? Let's explore the steps you can take, as well as the benefits of embracing a more holistic approach.

How Does Blogging Help My SEO Listings For A Plastic Surgeon?

Blogging is a great way to add strategic and relevant content to your cosmetic surgery website.  Addressing answers to questions that your website visitors are looking for will keep them coming back.  

Watch this video to learn more about how blogging can help a plastic surgeon’s SEO results.

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Do People Even Click On The Ads For Plastic Surgery?

If you are considering ways to grow your plastic surgery practice, Pay-Per-Click is an excellent tool!  Be sure that your ad is compelling enough so consumers will not only click on your ad, but follow through and contact your practice to schedule an appointment.  

Watch this video to learn more:

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CLIENT OF THE MONTH: Aspenwood Dental Associates & Colorado Dental Implant Center

Come March, Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center has been a loyal and successful client of Page 1 Solutions’ for 10 years!

While Page 1 works with clients around the country, we are lucky to have a partnership with Aspenwood Dental right in our back yard. Our consistent communication and teamwork has been a key factor in our productive relationship. They view Page 1 as an extension of their marketing team and are eager to engage and try out new ideas.

How to Filter Out Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

Remove Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Small businesses and marketing agencies alike both rely on numbers for pretty much everything they do. When it comes to any digital marketing efforts, it's important to use some sort of analytics platform like Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Clicktale or Crazyegg. The most widely-used analytics platform is Google Analytics, not only because it's free (but does have a premium version) but because it's made by Google, the network that most marketing agencies consider the highest priority over the other two search engines, Bing and Yahoo. 

Web Design Digest: Dental – January 2016

Page 1 Solutions is proud to announce the completion of the new NYC Smile Design website, our first dental client launch of 2016!

NYC Smile Design

Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib strive to combine art and science at their dental practice. They have done the same with their new website, pairing exceptional aesthetics with advanced functionality to create a sophisticated user experience that reflects the atmosphere of their boutique office in chic Manhattan.

Drs. Tabib and Mello invest time getting to know their patients, and visitors have this same opportunity throughout the NYC Smile Design website. From actors to musicians, professionals of many ages to models, the website's robust smile gallery features more than 170 patients. Each patient is represented not only by high-quality before-and-after images but also in-depth information about their background, personality, and the treatment provided.

How Important Is It To Have A High Impact Animated Banner On A Cosmetic Surgery Website?

When updating the design of your website, you only have a few seconds to grab the viewer's attention and make that first impression.  That's why it is so important to have a visually pleasing animated banner for your practice!  

Watch this video to learn more:

Is it time for a redesign?

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Web Design Digest: Legal – January 2016

We congratulate our legal client Weiser & Associates on last month's completion of their practice website redesign! Here's a look at what sets the site's new look apart:

Weiser & Associates

Based in New York City and representing clients at the city, state and federal level, the law firm of Weiser & Associates has an extensive history of success. This success forms a focal point of the practice's recent website redesign.

The home page rotating banner displays some of the multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements achieved by the firm. Users seeking information about these and other victories can visit the Verdicts & Settlements page featured in the main menu or look just below the contact form on any practice area page to see details of a specific judgment

5 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

For many Web marketing professionals, suggesting a website redesign can be an intimidating conversation. At Page 1 Solutions, we frequently talk to existing clients and prospects alike about redesigning their practice websites, and the subject often causes debate.

This is understandable. Legal and medical practices invest substantially in their websites and online marketing services to build their Internet presence, and the thought of “starting over” is often daunting. And though design and functionality practices are guided by tried and tested principles, individual preference is just as important for a Web developer or designer to take into account when creating a site that represents a practice.

However, if your online leads have dwindled and the return on investment from your website has dipped, it might be time to speak to your marketing agency about redesigning your site. Here are five factors to consider when initiating this conversation.

Web Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – January 2016

The first month of the new year saw the completion of three new designs for our clients in the plastic surgery vertical. Each of these sites combines a distinct look reflecting the unique personality of the practice with responsive functionality that makes the site accessible for users on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

We are proud to announce the launch of the following revitalized websites, and thank the clients for their feedback and collaboration throughout the redesign process!