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Redesigned Website for Florida Cruise Ship Attorney Sets Sail

When he embarked on a redesign for his law firm website, acclaimed cruise ship lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey wanted a site that could start immediately meeting the needs of victims who suffered injury due to accident or assault at sea. By adopting a responsive design, users considering legal action against a cruise line can find the Hickey Law Firm and begin building their claim from a smartphone or tablet, rather than waiting for access to a land-based computer.

In addition to mobile functionality, the Hickey Law Firm wanted a website that made it easier for cruise ship injury victims to access relevant information. Filing suit against a cruise line can be complex, but visitors to the firm's cruise website can start to understand the process through a scrolling case type banner on the home page and intuitive menus located at the top of every page.

Colorado Dentist Launches Eye-Popping New Website

“Let Your Smile Soar.” These are the words that welcome visitors to Dr. Michael Adler's new dental website, and they are an apt description of this dentist's commitment not only to innovation and quality patient care but also the design of his practice Web presence.

Stunning custom photography engages users from the first page they access. Dr. Adler has infused his unique personality into the redesigned website, introducing prospective patients to his team, his family, and even his passion for the outdoors. This personalized theme begins with the rotating banner on the home page, and continues throughout the site with actual photos of patients who have received treatment from Dr. Adler and his team.

Who Should Handle Incoming Plastic Surgery Leads?

Who should handle incoming plastic surgery leads?  At the end of the day, a plastic surgery practice should invest in designated and trained patient counselors to coordinate and manage  incoming leads from prospective patients.  

Watch this vide to learn more:

We would be happy to work with your staff and team members to help you grow your practice online and convert these valuable leads into people walking in the front door.  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our information!  Contact us today!  

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Changes to Your Business’ Presence on Google

In the ever-changing world of local SEO, Google provides the most important moving target that we must hit. Various changes within Google’s products shape how we function in our day-to-day activities, so when an occasional overhaul comes our way, it is important that we adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of the largest updates to hit us have been new and changing algorithms, and the local pack within Google search switching from a seven pack to a three pack. Well, the year isn’t quite over yet, and Google has thrown us another curve ball with a major overhaul of Google+.

Calgary Dentist Debuts Innovative New Web Design Combining Custom Video, Quality Images

When Dr. Gordon Chee decided to redesign his dental practice website, this Calgary dentist wanted a Web presence that was eye-catching, modern, and fit the expectations of users in search of educational content and compelling images. The redesigned Aesthetic Dental Studio site has achieved just that, retaining the extensive patient information of Dr. Chee’s previous site while engaging visitors immediately with high-quality photos and custom embedded video displaying a patient undergoing a teeth whitening treatment.

Actual Patient Photos, Stories Play Key Role in Imagery on Orange County Dentist Website

Dr. E. M. Makhoul is proud to offer a gentle, individualized approach to dental care. Many patients in Southern California have embraced the commitment to quality service at Makhoul Dentistry, and a number of these clients share their experiences on Dr. Makhoul’s redesigned website.

Patient testimonials and pictures appear prominently throughout the Makhoul Dentistry site, adding authenticity and individuality. The responsive design enables users on any device – smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer – to peruse these stories and images to determine the right dental treatment and see the standard of care offered by Dr. Makhoul.

2016 Marketing Planning Guide - Free Template

2016 Marketing Planning Guide

Our previous articles identified 2016 marketing trends and tips to help you plan marketing efforts more effectively.  Today we want to share this planning guide to help you implement it.  It is intended to be a resource for you to build your plan and refer to throughout the upcoming year.  The following is an overview of the sections of your plan.  We also includes a Marketing Plan Template for your convenience.   

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Practice Marketing Budget in 2016

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

The holidays are a time to celebrate the past year’s successes while making plans for future success. Building a budget is a must for any practice owner, and money spent on marketing and advertising often represents a substantial portion of a practice’s overall spending for the year.

Because of the amount of money involved and competition from your competitors, it’s important not only to spend each marketing dollar wisely but track how it is spent and determine whether or not you received a return on your investment. Here are three tips you can use during year-end budgeting to ensure that the money you invest in marketing your practice in 2016 is well-spent.

Facebook Adds New Tools to Improve Local Marketing


Facebook's new tools that improve local marketing

Facebook recently announced in a blog post that it would be rolling out two new features to further assist business pages in their never-ending conquest to reach more people near their businesses and deliver them the "right message at the right time." These additions come after last year's public release of new "local awareness ads" that were released as a means to hyper-target traffic within less than a mile of their physical address. These new additions to Facebook are just another selling point of Facebook and the Facebook advertising platform for marketers and businesses alike.