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An Introduction to Winning Website Designs

Focus on the user is a critical piece of any modern website’s success. Ultimately, good user experience is the driving force behind many of the current best practices in Web design and development, from mobile-first functionality to the emphasis on quality, original content to faster site speeds.

In this video clip, I introduce the 5 factors that will set your practice website apart:

Page 1 Solutions Named Finalist for 2016 Media Relations Award!

Page 1 Solutions is excited to announce that we are finalists for a PR Daily 2016 Media Relations Award in the Response to Breaking News category.

We are proud of our team and all of the hard work that they put into turning around the negative publicity that was sparked by the Cecil the Lion news coverage. Not only did we manage to address the social backlash, but brought in local news stations to cover our side of the controversy

We then decided to take it a step further and help others by outlining a strategy to handle similar situations. To that end, we published this case study that outlines the steps that we took and the results we achieved.

Why Should Practices Use Call Tracking?

As an Internet Marketing Consultant for Page 1 Solutions, I work directly with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, ophthalmologists, and attorneys on a daily basis managing their websites and ensuring their digital marketing campaigns are successful. In today's age, SEO is only one piece of the whole marketing puzzle. There are now many other, equally important services that go into creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. Dan Goldstein, the president of Page 1 Solutions, recently published an Internet marketing book called "Win With Multi-Digital Marketing," which introduces many of the other marketing services available to practice owners in this day and age. With that said, one of the most crucial marketing services available to business owners is call tracking.  

Case Study: Display Advertising Drives 115% Lead Increase for Mesothelioma Law Firm

Few channels embody the subversive power of Internet marketing better than online display advertising. Combining expansive geographic and demographic targeting with affordability not often found in off-line advertising, display ads can reach a highly refined subset of target consumers without requiring a massive investment.

Here’s a look at how Page 1 Solutions used online display advertising to drive traffic, engagement, and leads for a client specializing in mesothelioma litigation:

The Buyer’s Journey and Multi-Channel Marketing

In Dan Goldstein’s book Win With Multi-Channel Marketing he talks about the buyer’s journey in to demonstrate the importance having a multi-channel approach to your digital marketing efforts. Now it’s time to take a closer look at how this sales funnel model can help determine if your multi-channel marketing efforts are targeting your prospects at every stage of their journey. By targeting content and marketing efforts to all stages of a buyer's journey you can be sure you are maximizing your businesses presence online and presenting customers with the right message and content at the right time.

The three stages of the buyer's journey

The buyer’s journey consists of three different stages. Each of these stages represents a different mindset your prospects have in the journey to choosing to purchase your services.

Why Mini Sites Don't Work

Mini sites (also referred to as microsites) were a successful and popular tactic for SEOs in the good 'ol days. These sites typically had very keyword-rich URLs and embodied less pages of hyper-focused content on a single topic than a traditional website. The hope and intent of a mini website was to dominate first page organic listings on Google for a small group of specific keywords per mini site. This tactic worked back when fewer factors were considered in Google's algorithms, and some mini sites are still benefitting from achieving high rank placement from that era. We don't recommend these types of sites as best SEO practices, however, and here's why.

How Do I Build Links to My Website?

website linksLink building is as old as the Internet, but the strategies behind it have changed over time. As you have built an online presence for your business, you have probably come across recommendations to improve your back link profile But what does that mean?

A back link is any link to your website from another website. So, for example, if the New York Times linked to your site, that would be a back link. Link building is the process of creating back links.

However, all back links are not created equal. There are certain parameters that make certain links more valuable than others. Some back links can even be harmful to your website if link building is done recklessly.

First, let’s go over what these parameters are:

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

Let me start by extending wishes for an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day Weekend.  I also want to remind you "Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?"; and share some interesting Memorial Day facts.

This is important, particularly in a presidential election year where we are all overwhelmed by all the political ads that focus only on all the negative things in Americans' lives simply as a way to secure their votes (If you aren’t sick of them by now, just wait until this fall!).

We celebrate Memorial Day to honor the service men and women of this great nation whose commitment and service allow us as Americans to enjoy a high standard of living and conveniences/luxuries that most of the world will never experience.

Don’t Just Design Your Website - Plan Your Online Business

In the early days of the Web, a business just needed an online presence. Having a domain and a simple informational website put you on the map and gave credibility to your brochures and business cards.

Now that everything happens online, things are crowded and competitive – you no longer get a participation award. If you want to stand out and win over customers, you need more than a design for a website. You need to create an exceptional user experience with your clients' needs in mind that is also positioned to support your business goals.

Is Your Website Beach Body Ready? 4 Workout Tips To Bulk Up For The Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Have you thought that it’s time to get your practice website Beach Body ready? Want to build your online presence to a shape you can be proud of? Here is a “workout plan” of 4 must-do steps to help tone up for the summer months.  


Before any of the heavy lifting can even begin you need to be mentally prepared. Know that when you’re working out that results will come with time, patience and perseverance. The same goes for your website. It will not be swole** overnight; you must be willing to invest the time and resources to see your hard work pay off by generating more leads to your website.