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Plastic Surgeon in Northern Colorado Launches Sophisticated New Website

Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery wanted an elegant Web presence that effectively communicated the talents of Dr. Denis Gonyon in an accessible, dynamic way. The redesign of the GCPS website achieves this goal using high-quality imagery and personalized messaging.

Visitors to the website can instantly learn a lot about the practice from the home page. Visual call-to-action elements highlight Dr. Gonyon’s key practice areas, while the banner informs users of the practice philosophy in just six simple words.

Dr. Gonyon makes his office and his team critical elements of the new website design. Patient Coordinator Valerie is visible on every page through the embedded contact form to provide users a convenient place to ask questions or schedule an appointment. A focal point of the home page, meanwhile, is a slideshow tour of the scenic Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery facility.

Does Having Videos On Your Attorney Website Improve Website Performance?

Our statistics show that lawyers who have videos on their websites generate more leads per visitor than lawyers who don't have videos.   It is important to have an Introductory Video on your homepage to help communicate to your potential clients.  Next, you will want to focus on videos regarding your Key Practice Areas and describe how you can benefit your clients. Finally, an aggressive Video Blogging strategy can be a great tactic to drive more traffic to your website. 

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Gadsden, AL Law Firm Adopts Responsive Design, Custom Calls-to-Action for New Website

The Shelnutt Law Firm values quality of cases over quantity of cases. This message is front and center throughout the firm's new legal website, communicating both the personalized service clients can expect as well as what sets the attorneys apart.

Principals at The Shelnutt Law Firm recognized that clients are likely to find their practice on devices other than a desktop computer. To help users who are away from home – and when they might need to contact a lawyer the most – the firm opted for a mobile-friendly design compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Users navigating the site can find information about key case types through eye-catching call-to-action elements on the home page. Prospective clients interested in learning how The Shelnutt Law Firm can assist them are able to contact the firm through the rotating banner and mini-contact form on every page of the site.

Orlando Law Firm Makes Engagement a Foundation of Website Redesign

When selecting a look for their redesigned website, the principals at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter wanted to emphasize both modern design and robust functionality. The firm's new website harnesses both of these elements to deliver an intuitive, engaging user experience powered by an extensive library of high-quality custom content.

Content truly is king on the new Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter site, with text, images, and video coalescing to tell visitors the firm's story, inform them about various case types, and demonstrate the attorneys' areas of expertise.

The home page banner presents major types of cases accepted by the firm through economical captions and quality images. Prospective clients can explore additional claims in the practice areas gallery, and find out about major judgments the firm has won for clients via the scrolling verdicts and settlements banner.

How Should I Respond To Email Inquiries That Come Through Our Plastic Surgery Website?

Watch this video to learn valuable tips on how to turn prospective plasstic surgery leads into consultations and turn them into paying customers! 

If you would like Page 1 Solutions to evaluate your lead intake process, contact us today!  We have great strategies on how you and your staff can convert emails and other types of leads into people walking in the front door and ultimately becoming paying patients. 

Plastic Surgery Practice in Greater Austin Brings Beauty into Bloom with New Website

Enhancing the appearance of your body or face is a personal process, and seeing the potential results of a particular procedure can be enormously beneficial for men and women considering cosmetic treatment. Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa understands this, which is why custom video and imagery plays such an important role on the practice’s new website.

The online photo gallery hosts many images of patients who were satisfied with the results they achieved after visiting Dr. Venkata Erella. A number of these patients share their experience in testimonial videos located strategically throughout the site.

Dr. Erella recognizes that informed patients tend to be most pleased with their results. That's why custom content describes each of the services offered by the practice without diminishing the visual focus. The design of the website reflects the light, rejuvenating atmosphere that Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa strives to create for each patient.

Why You Aren’t Converting Email Leads – 13 Tips That Boost ROI

We all know that telephone inquiries are your highest quality leads, and you invest time, money and resources to improve telephone intake.  Unfortunately, practices spend little or no time strategizing how to convert email leads (website form submissions), which we all recognize are harder to close.

In addition, you spent lots of time and thought developing strategic email forms on your website.  In fact, if you go to your website now, you will likely find an email submission form is one of the most visible calls-to-action on almost every page of your site, or at least your “Contact Us” page.

If 2016 is going to be a breakthrough year, improving your email sales follow up needs to be at the top of the list.  Here are 13 tips to help you develop more effective email follow up, and convert more inquires into consultations.

South Florida Injury Law Firm Debuts Dynamic New Website

At Canter Law, compassionate and personalized service is a priority. The firm integrated the message of honesty and one-on-one attention throughout its new website, starting with the home page banner.

The initial image is emblematic of what prospective clients might see when they visit the practice in person – principle attorney Eric Canter prepared to listen to the visitor’s story and provide assistance. Eye-catching imagery plays a key role throughout the redesigned Canter Law website, with aspects that set the firm apart and case types being communicated through compelling graphics and photos. Assistance for crash victims begins even before users go deeper within the site via the scrolling “5 Things You Should Do after a Car Crash” feature.

What Conversion Rates Should Leads Turn Into Scheduled Consultations In A Dental Office?

What conversion rates should leads turn into scheduled consultations in a dental office?  

Watch this video to learn more:  

If you are a cosmetic dentist and you have questions about website marketing or lead generation, just pick up the phone and give us a call.  We answer questions from cosmetic dentists all of the time and would be happy to answer your question too!  

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