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Engaging Satisfied Customers as Advocates for Your Business

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Customer satisfaction is a pivotal goal of any business. However, the prominence of online reviews makes it important for business owners to do more than provide great service – they must also harness satisfied customers to spread word of mouth and engage prospects on the business's behalf. This is both a necessity and a challenge for small businesses, which must strive to build more personal relationships with consumers in a way that large companies cannot while balancing limited resources.

Doggy Friday + Scout = Excitement at Page 1

Scout is on the job!  Well, maybe not exactly 'on the job' but this was her first attempt at participating in Doggy Friday at Page 1 Solutions.

My name is Tammy and I'm an SEO Specialist here at Page 1 Solutions.  Scout is my dog.  She's a unique dog in many ways. She is a sweet 11 year old a mixed breed -- a Beagle-Bassett-Akita-Shepherd.  Because of this wacky parentage she has the look of one of those funny puzzles from childhood that lets you put the head of one creature onto the body of another creature then end with the legs of a third creature.  A bit of a Franken-Dog, if you will, which is somewhat appropriate with Halloween right around the corner. 

Personal Injury Practice in the Denver Metro Area Debuts New Website

The new website for Shafner Law immediately engages potential clients through two prominent elements. First, the rotating banner displays imagery of principal attorney Alan C. Shafner and his team, as well as excerpts of reviews written by actual clients. Second, visitors to the site can immediately learn about some of the most common types of cases Shafner Law tries through the call-to-action buckets below the banner, which feature prominent case types as well as brief descriptions of relevant legal information. Further opportunities for user engagement appear lower on the page, including a video introduction by Mr. Shafner himself and a “Why Choose Us” section highlighting elements that set the firm apart.

Page 1 Solutions wins W3 Award!

We are proud to announce that Page 1 Solutions has been selected as a W³ Award winner for developing the law firm website for Kline & Specter, a Philadelphia personal injury law firm. The website, received a Silver award in the category for General Website – Law and Legal Services. 

“I am continually impressed with all of our team members that develop our clients’ websites and keep them on the cutting edge of their marketplace,” says Page 1 Solutions President, Dan Goldstein.  “Developing an effective website is continually more and more complex.  To receive this type of recognition indicates we are still doing things the right way.”

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Launches User-Friendly Website Redesign

The redesigned website for Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP exemplifies both the firm’s sense of urgency in pursuing cases and commitment to client service. Visitors to the website seeking assistance can learn about their legal options through multiple means. The rotating banner at the top of the home page displays some of the most common types of personal injury cases tried by attorneys at the firm, as well as access to free eBooks offering a “crash course” on injury litigation. Other sliders elsewhere on the site feature attorney bios, custom videos discussing common legal matters, and more. Visitors who want to find one of the firm’s 14 Connecticut locations can view the map near the bottom of each page to find an office close to home.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Practice near St. Louis Launches New Website

The design on the website for Innovative Dental of St. Louis exemplifies the practice's focus on big smiles. The rotating banner images and call-to-action services area are dominated by large pictures of people displaying their pearly whites. The interior of the site is also image-rich, with many pages featuring pictures of Dr. Charles Janes and his staff interacting with patients in the new office, before-and-after photos of actual patients, and more. The slider just above the website footer displays images for some of the services available at the practice as well as Dr. Janes's professional affiliations.

How Quickly Does An Attorney Need To Respond To Email Leads?

Statistics show that internet leads grow cold very quickly.  Conversions many times are a reflection of the promptness of the reply even more so than the quality or at that depth of the reply.  Another key to immediately respond is that they are already online.  If I send you an email and you respond right away you're responding knowing that I'm already online. Waiting an hour or more to send your response can really send it into that black hole of email marketing.  Click here to learn more about Inbound Marketing!

Watch this video for more information! 

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20 Ways To Boost Your E-Newsletter and Internal Marketing Results

Most practices invest lots of energy and money on advertising, focusing exclusively on reaching new audiences to generate leads and new business.  Yet, the majority of thriving practices identify referrals (from customers and professionals) and repeat customers as their biggest sources of new business, particularly when it comes to higher quality business.

So why invest 100 percent of your marketing budget and resources into something that generates less than half of your quality new business?

Imagine how much higher quality business your practice will generate if you invest even a fraction of your advertising budget and time into these proven referral sources.  Although every practice recognizes the need to effectively market internally, most admit they fall far short of what they can, and should be doing.  

To help address this issue, I would like to share 20 Elements and Tips to Improve Your E-Newsletters.