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Improve Website and SEO Results: Use Long-Form Content

As consumers change how they research and compare professional service providers like you, so should your strategies and resources to appeal to them. One change in how online users consume resource-type information is a trend toward long-form content, instead of clicking on numerous pages to gather the scope of information they are seeking.

Here is a recent Digital Journal case study article we got published that shows the value of investing in long-form content.

I encourage you take a moment to actually read the most important pages of your website after you read this article. See if you don’t rethink about the content you provide visitors and search engines.

Content Marketing for lawyers dentists and surgeons  What Is Long-Form Content?

Google's Advice For Working With SEO Companies

By Samuel Solis, Internet Marketing Consultant

Google always puts the user first. That principle includes empowering businesses to take care of their own SEO and digital marketing needs by providing extensive How-To guides and videos. However, doing it yourself takes a lot of time to manage, especially with the ever-increasing scope of digital marketing tools and strategies.

This is why Google has recently released another How-To guide, but this time it's about working with third-party SEO companies and how to make sure your business' best interests are at the forefront.

7 Reasons You Can't Ignore Social Media Any Longer

In just over a decade, social media has completely and forever altered the way we communicate, acquire news and information, make purchasing decisions, and interact with our world at large. Likewise, it has changed the way in which brands market themselves and conduct business.

Some smaller brands and businesses still don't see the value in investing in their social media presence or spending money on social media advertising. They also still don't see their overall marketing strategy as a cohesive sum of multiple synergistic parts. The truth is, social media can no longer be viewed as a novel accessory. It must be embraced as an essential component of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

San Diego Laser Clinic and Medical Spa Launches New Web Design

The colors green and gold communicate vibrancy and luxury. These colors also embody the philosophy of Avalon Laser, an aesthetic practice that emphasizes quality service in a comfortable enivronment with state-of-the-art treatments and technology.

The new Avalon Laser website recently went live. Let's see how the revamped design brings Dr. Reza Tirgari's practice to life:

Avalon Laser

"You Deserve to Look Your Best." These simple but powerful words welcome visitors to the Avalon Laser home page, and the next-step graphics immediately below the banner direct users to some of Dr. Tirgari's foremost treatment options for skin care, body contouring, and hair removal.

Web Design Digest: Ophthalmology – September 2016

Clear vision serves more than a functional purpose – it makes it possible to live life to the fullest. Griffin & Reed Eye Care understands this, which is why the recent redesign of the practice website is "clearly different" from that of other ophthalmology offices.

Here's a look at the elements that set the new design of the Griffin & Reed Eye Care website apart:

Griffin & Reed Eye Care

For many patients, the image on the website home page is all too familiar: a pair of eyeglasses that affords clear sight, with the surrounding environs blurry and indistinct. The banner provides an immediate solution to this common problem with a call-to-action and a button that directs users to information about the practice, including premium downloadable content.

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Debuts New Skin Care Website

Rejuvenation is about more than just looking good. Youth, vitality, and other positive attributes are key considerations for any cosmetic practice.

Let's see how a Southern California client's new website brings rejuvenation to life through a user-friendly new design:

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic

People in and around La Jolla live an active lifestyle. Principal physician Dr. Nasrin Mani taps into this mindset through next-step graphics that highlight the dynamic nature of her practice.

In CTAs on the home page and in the sidebar on the interior of the website, users have clear access to regularly updated specials and events, as well as a discount for signing up for the La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic newsletter to follow the latest updates from the practice.

Web Design Digest: Legal – September 2016

Longtime client Duncan Firm lives by a simple but powerful maxim: "Compassion for People, Passion for Justice." During its website redesign, this Arkansas legal practice made it a goal to highlight the personal connection the attorneys and staff strive to forge with injured people.

Here is a look at how the new custom redesign communicates the Duncan Firm's identity.

Duncan Firm, P.A.

Custom photography features prominently throughout the redesigned Duncan Firm website. Images of the attorneys, staff, and their office appear in multiple key locations.

Tap into Millennial Marketing

Millennials are the next big demographic that brands, companies, and marketers want to target. And it makes perfect sense why. Millennials are more tech savvy and digitally connected than any generation before them. They also have a spending power that is estimated to surpass $1 trillion by 2020.They are becoming the driving force behind our economy. Millennials are currently in exciting life milestones such as graduating college, entering the workforce, and buying cars, paying rent, or in other words #adulting. But in order to win over this demographic brands must change their typical marketing strategies.