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5 Simple Ways We Updated A Law Firm's Website

Design trends on the web are constantly changing and evolving. Websites that were created just a few years ago quickly start to look dated compared to newer ones today. By making a few changes to the aesthetic of GoldenbergLaw’s site, we made it feel modern and updated without involving a total website overhaul.

1. Fonts

We scaled back on the number of fonts used to clean up their site and give it a refreshed feel. Most websites we design use no more than 2 font faces. The result is a cleaner design that doesn’t distract visitors with conflicting typefaces.

2. Photos

Adding new photos was a simple way to make their site feel updated. Adding quality photos of their major practice areas and custom images of their staff is going to help build trust between them and a potential lead.

Pennsylvania Attorneys Unveil Responsive New Website

Utilizing a responsive website design, Kline & Specter’s new state-of-the-art site has been created to provide visitors information that can be easily read and accessed on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers without compromising its breadth of content. The site offers viewers a custom practice area carousel to quickly find any area of practice, as well as the most recent verdicts and an interactive slider that highlights eight reasons to choose Kline & Specter. Since their attorneys have appeared on more than 1,000 television news programs and every major national TV network, we created an advanced search tool so viewers can easily find all of videos by selecting just a practice area, case, or attorney. 

Helping Make A Difference!

The Action Center in Lakewood, Colorado is a wonderful organization that assists struggling residents and the homeless community in Jefferson County.  They provide food, clothing and shelter to local residents and help to create pathways to self-sufficiency to help people in need and to break the cycle of poverty - assisting over 28,000 individuals every year.  The Action Center on average has 80 volunteers helping out at their facility on a daily basis!  Volunteers produce an immediate impact in the lives of everyone who utilizes the services at this organization.  They rely on donations throughout the year to help assist with programs like the School Supply Distribution, Thanksgiving Food Distribution and the Santa Shop.  These particular programs reach thousands of struggling families every year. 

New Jersey Dental Practice Reveals Responsive Upgrade to Practice Website

The update to Frank R. DePaola DDS & Associates site involves innovative features, including responsive and interactive elements – all created for an enhanced viewing experience. Their site features an attractive layout with different fixed backgrounds and elements that can be found when traveling down the page, and these features will automatically adjust to the appropriate screen dimensions for optimal viewing.

With the custom photography of the doctors, staff, and their technology, we were able to accomplish the feeling of trust and the high level of care that their patients can expect.

Overall, we created a fully customized resource for patients, with the goal of providing a superior user experience.

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorneys Lauch New Website

This website has been designed as an interactive tool for clients. On the homepage, the viewers can quickly find information about all the common workplace injuries like vision loss, back & neck injuries, broken bones, and electric shock. The viewer gets to know the attorneys at White & Stradley, PLLC on a personal level with a section on the homepage that aesthetically highlights five reasons to choose them, an animated banner with custom photography and videos, video blog posts, and real client reviews. The site also has a map resource where viewers can locate the different locations they serve.

The Importance of Employee Advocacy on Social Media


Many employers don't realize how critical social media is to employee engagement and business promotion. In this digital age, every employee is a valuable resource when it comes to free social media promotion. Employees usually have multiple platforms on which they can air their likes and dislikes. While some employers may worry that disgruntled employees will destroy the company reputation with the click of a social media "share" button, the fact is that we now live in an always-connected world that is not going to reverse course. All employers need to be prepared to rally their employee activists and leverage social media in a way that's good for business.

How Often Should A Dentist Blog On His Or Her Website?

We get questions about dental website blogs all the time. The more you blog, the more likely that the search engines are going to pick up those blogs and show them as good results on the search engines.  Use your blog as a tool to generate more traffic which ultimately will lead to more leads and more patients in your dental practice.


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Improve SEO Results Through Database Marketing

Today, internet marketing is all about building and nurturing a growing your online “community”.  That includes your SEO results, as well as your social media and internal marketing.  That’s right; Google will reward websites that build an audience.  Here are some quick tips:

1. Grow Your Community – High conversion websites may turn 5 percent of traffic into leads. What happens to the other 95 percent; and who are they?  “Low-commitment” calls-to-action that visitors can easily access can capture a lot more contacts, build your database and grow your online community.

2. Data Collection – Build your list of visitors and prospects through database automation without burdening your intake staff.  Identify more website visitors, download their contact information and identify the information they want.

I built a website and a mobile version about a year ago. Now I hear we need to convert it into a "responsive" website. Do I really need to spend the money to do this?

Responsive sites are becoming increasingly recommended, as Google considers these formats the preferred mobile structure.  This is due to a recognizable convenience factor since it is easier for them to crawl and index content for one URL, versus two, if you have a separate mobile version.  The easier it is for Google to crawl your site, the more likely the SEO rankings for your site will be higher.

The 3 Facebook Algorithm Changes That Marketers Should Know

It has always been in Facebook's best interest to provide the best user experience possible, and with billions of user, this can sometimes be a challenge. To do this, their algorithm is always evolving and changing based on input from it's users. For marketers, this provides a huge challenge as the way posts are organically displayed in a users Newsfeed has changed once again.