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Enhance Your Google My Business Listing with New Google Posts

By John Curley, Internet Marketing Consultant

Google is again refining its search results and functionality. The latest update adds new features and functionality to Google My Business.

In order to succeed in local search, business owners have to use the tools provided by Google to communicate relevant information. Your Google My Business listing could be a potential client's first exposure to your practice, so accuracy and engagement are absolutely crucial for grabbing their attention.

Google Posts is the latest feature for helping businesses increase their local search visibility and engagement, providing a new opportunity to increase website traffic, leads, and sales.

Page 1 Donates Supplies to Help Needy Families with Back to School Shopping

By Lisa Weatherbie, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

For nearly 50 years, The Action Center in Jefferson County has provided relief to local families in crisis and helped them attain and maintain self-sufficiency. One of the Center's major initiatives each year is School Supply Distribution, which provides needy families with access to supplies for the upcoming school year.

Page 1 Solutions is a longtime supporter of The Action Center, and this year our team members contributed more than 22,000 items! We are proud to say that this is nearly double the number of supplies we donated last year!

Here's a breakdown of this year's donations:

Employee Social Media Advocacy Tips and Tricks

Written by Jake Johnson, Internet Marketing Consultant

It’s easy for a practice’s message on any social media platform to get lost in the clutter and noise. Clients often ask me, “What is the best way for me to make my brand more seen?”

The answer is quite simple. In order to amplify your practice’s message, you need to tap into your greatest asset: your employees.

By empowering your employees to be social media advocates for your brand and encouraging them to post, comment and share content, practice news and updates, you’re effectively doing two things:

Client of the Month: Law Offices of Howard D. Silver

Mr. Howard Silver has been a client of Page 1 Solutions since early 2014. He recently launched a redesigned website allowing for easier navigation and more engaging content throughout the site. It features a new video library where you can see videos by Mr. Silver about various topics regarding lemon law, consumer fraud and identity theft. There are also free consumer guides on the website to help educate and empower consumers even if they don’t enlist Mr. Silver for their case.

Top 3 Content Strategies for Boosting SEO Results

By Samuel Solis, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant

Today I decided to change my blogging up a bit by expanding on the 3 great content ideas I share in the following video. But first, a quick recap of what I’ll be talking about.

As most of us hopefully know, content is king when it comes to the Internet and building a strong organic search presence over time. As the Internet has grown and evolved, so has the content that fuels it. It’s no longer enough to just write about whatever topics come to mind – there has to be a bit more strategy for your website to achieve real success.

Here’s a quick synopsis on what each strategy entails:

#Page1Chat - Effective Landing Pages and CTAs

This week's #Page1Chat focused on effective landing pages and CTAs, and the purpose they serve. Through our discussion we learned that CTAs should always be branded to avoid being labeled as spam by the user, and have eye-catching images and words along with a clear offer of what the user will get by clicking. Landing pages should also be branded to match the original website and should include a form fill to collect user data. 

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Time

By Alicia Frost, Social Media Specialist

First and foremost, ask yourself why you want to utilize social media. Is it to connect with other people in your industry? Is it to assemble or create your brand? Is it to promote your business? Once you figure this out, you can then cater to that certain target audience.

Establishing a target audience is one of the most important things you can do for your social media strategy. You want to attract people who have an interest in your business or product so they can help build the foundation of your social community. Once you’ve got an established social community, you now have the opportunity to be seen by all of their followers and connections, enabling you to expand your social reach even more.

10 Reasons Happy Clients Don’t Post a Review; And Tips To Get More

We all recognize the importance of positive reviews.  But from a sales and marketing perspective, more credible reviews on key review websites can be your most important online platforms you use to build credibility, trust and create differentiation from competitors.

So, it is not surprising to hear practice owners ask me why more of their happy clients/patients don’t leave positive reviews on Google+ or Yelp?  And, what can they do to get more of them to post reviews.

Website Design Digest: Legal – June 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions

We are very pleased to announce that this month the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver, a longtime client of Page 1 Solutions, launched an updated website to serve consumers throughout California. Attorney Howard Silver specializes in consumer protection cases, and the new website design emphasizes his experience in claims involving the financial impact of unreliable vehicles (lemons), credit reporting errors, identity theft, creditor abuse and more.

Let's see how the redesigned website for the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver is positioned to attract consumers:

Freedoms When You Diversify Your Digital Marketing

Happy 4th of July! 

In the spirit of the 4th of July, I want to share tips and suggestions highlighted in our book, “Win With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing” to grow your practice and attract the types of clients and patients that provide you and your practice greater freedom and control.

There are 16 informative, yet easy-to-read chapters, each ending with your quick take-away notes. I will share mine from eight of them.

Digital Marketing Areas You Need To Consider

The following are digital marketing areas you need to consider, plan and implement to get maximum return from your online marketing investment.  The old adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” has never been more appropriate than marketing in today’s online world.  And it starts with your website.