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Web Design Digest: Ophthalmology – April 2016

Clear vision is a priority for anyone trying to find an eye doctor online. InFocus Eye Care in Bend, Oregon, executed its own clear vision in redesigning its practice website to appeal to contemporary patients and – of course – catch the eye.

InFocus Eye Care

Custom photography of Central Oregon's great outdoors plays a prominent part in the new design of the practice website, highlighting the positive impact vision correction can have on an active patient's lifestyle. Patients looking to learn more about these benefits can visit informative pages on procedures like LASIK, solutions for near vision, and more through intuitive menus and image-based call-to-action (CTA) elements on the home page.

Generate More Consultations, Without Spending More Money

5 Tips To Improve Your Intake

I recently posted an article on why it is essential to leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing to your branded audience (potential clients/patients that already know you, who are familiar with your practice, viewed your website, visited your social media platform, contacted your office at an earlier time, etc.).

Today, I want to address another critical stage of the marketing and sales process – Sales Lead Intake.

If you believe that your intake person, team and processes are perfect and don’t need any additional updating, monitoring, training, and coaching, then you are likely missing out on new business.   

The fact is, every practice can schedule more consultations and secure more business with the leads they already generate (without spending more marketing dollars!), simply by improving their intake of telephone leads.

Case Study: Long-Term Benefits of Custom Slideshare Content

A platform created by LinkedIn for sharing professional presentations, Slideshare is a tool that transforms regular Web content into powerful, interactive showcases that give users access to digestible snippets of information at a rate that is completely self-paced. Here's a look at how Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry in Boston, Massachusetts, has continued to earn increased leads and catch the attention of Web users around the world with a custom Slideshare presentation published in October 2014.

An Introduction to Page 1 Solutions By Brent Critchfield

Welcome to Page 1 Solutions! 

I appreciate you considering Page 1 for your free, yet highly comprehensive, website and Internet Marketing evaluation.  I look forward to receiving and reviewing your completed questionnaire audit.  Upon receipt, I will be able to offer you more insight and feedback regarding your online presence, lead generation and new client goals. 

I am confident that the information I will provide can make a significant impact on your Internet marketing success. I look forward to sharing more with you.

 Brent Critchfield, Page 1 Solutions Internet Sales Consultant


Market to Your Branded Search Audience and Boost ROI

I regularly review website Google Analytics with practice owners. In the majority of cases, they dismiss the importance of returning visitors and branded search traffic, and focusing exclusively on “New Visitors” (New Sessions).

Unfortunately, this view of marketing in general is causing practices to miss out on one of the most important opportunities of an effective comprehensive marketing campaign.

The most valuable audience you must include in your marketing campaign and budget is consumers who are already familiar with you and your firm/practice.

Here are some quick thoughts to consider:

Case Study: Paid Social Media Ads Drive Traffic, Leads for Cosmetic Dentistry Client

Paid social advertising through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a subtle and effective way to raise awareness of a practice. It is also ideal for marketing a practice on a tight budget, as this cosmetic dentistry client had to do in the midst of an economic downturn in his local community:

What's The Difference Between Onsite & Offsite Optimization For A Legal Website?

Have you ever wondered what Page 1 Solutions does to optimize a legal website? Some things are programmed into the website, while others are done offsite. There is a big difference between onsite and offsite website optimization.  Watch this video to learn more:

If you would like us to evaluate your website, contact us today!  

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Client of the Month: Innovative Dental of St. Louis

Dr. Janes is an LVI Fellow, a member of IAPA, AND a talented cosmetic dental client of Page 1 Solutions. Last year we worked together to launch a completely new practice, including a new office, brand and website! His new practice, Innovative Dental of St. Louis, features a beautiful office space that helps patients feel calm and at home during their visit.

Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Need To Have A Facebook Account?

Today, all businesses that want to engage with their consumers need to have a social media presence.  Facebook has over 1 billion members and continues to grow.  People check their mobile phones up to 150x/day!  You need to have a presence where your consumers are at.  Facebook allows you to utilize different strategies to gain more followers, likes, generate reviews and drives more  qualified prospects to your page. 

Watch this video to learn more:

Contact us today to learn more about Social Media Marketing for your legal firm! 

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ASAPS 2016 - What Is Inbound Marketing & How Do I Attract More Patients Through Automated Marketing

If you were not able to attend Bill Fukui's presentation at the Practice Changers course at The ASAPS Meeting in Las Vegas, you can watch it now!

Don't miss out on this valuable information!

If you would like to learn more about how Inbound Marketing can help to grow your practice, give us a call today