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Is Your Website Beach Body Ready? 4 Workout Tips To Bulk Up For The Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Have you thought that it’s time to get your practice website Beach Body ready? Want to build your online presence to a shape you can be proud of? Here is a “workout plan” of 4 must-do steps to help tone up for the summer months.  


Before any of the heavy lifting can even begin you need to be mentally prepared. Know that when you’re working out that results will come with time, patience and perseverance. The same goes for your website. It will not be swole** overnight; you must be willing to invest the time and resources to see your hard work pay off by generating more leads to your website.

Things To Keep In Mind When Responding To Reviews - Good & Bad

Get more reviews, reviews, reviews!  This is probably what you are hearing on a regular basis and once you start getting them (whether it is through the Page 1 Solutions Review Platform and/or other efforts) the focus now shifts to what kind of reviews are being left for you out there.  Reading online reviews has become one of the biggest trends in consumer online search behavior.   That means that word-of-mouth, at one point looked upon as the most effective source of new clients/patients, has now expanded into the digital world. A good online reputation is critical to the success of any business.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns Strategies To Convert More Business and Referrals

Most practices spend significant amounts of time, money and energy to generate leads.  Yet, for as much value that is placed on new leads, they waste the majority of their opportunity by focusing only on picking low-lying fruit or only close “lay-down” leads.

It surprises me every time I speak to a practice and discover that they do not re-invest into these valuable leads by engaging in lead nurturing campaigns.  They miss out on strategically marketing to consumers who are their best prospects for new clients and referrals;  people already familiar with them and their practice.

Statistics indicate that lead nurturing campaigns are a growing trend in online marketing.  The following are Google trends for the volume of searches for lead nurturing-related information.

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Bill at The Action Center

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper recently approved House Bill 16-1100 at The Action Center, in Lakewood, CO. 

This bill helps to define the tuition status of Colorado’s unaccompanied homeless youth by providing a clear path to access funding for in-state tuition for those striving to attend college.  Prior to this bill, a majority of these homeless teens attending college were required to pay out-of-state tuition due to the legalities involved, which equated to them paying an additional $1475 annually to attend college.  During the 2013-2014 academic year, there was a 50% increase of homeless students in Jefferson County, affecting nearly 2,000 teens.

Convert More Traffic Into Leads

Typically, the strategies to turn more visitors to your website into leads are limited to adding promotional, graphic, call-to-action elements promoting a free consultation or something similar (just like all your competitors), or new placement of email forms and phone numbers.

Of course discounts and special offers may stimulate more direct response, but many practices are reluctant to offer discounts or other promotions as it may cheapen their image/brand.  Also, modifying your forms and phone number may make an initial impact, but what can you do beyond minor website updates?


The Situation

Keep in mind; most professional service provider websites convert approximately 3-6% of their website traffic into contacts and leads.  That means nearly 95 percent of your visitors leave anonymously and you have no idea who they were, or how to stay in touch with them. 

Client of the Month: The Weston Center For Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Jon Harrell and his team have been working with Page 1 Solutions since I came on board with the team back in 2011.  Dr. Harrell is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon and owner of The Weston Center For Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Weston, FL.  During his time with Page 1, Dr. Harrell has worked incredibly hard on building up his practice and in June of 2015, we launched his new redesigned website!

How People Research Ophthalmology Has Changed; Is Your Marketing Adjusting?

Many ophthalmologists recognize the need to cater to the perceptions of online patients and prospects and have re-designing their website within the past two or three years.  In most cases, this was also driven by the need to address the growing number of mobile website visitors, particularly smartphone users.

Recognizing and adapting to changes in online consumers is essential to ensure your marketing dollars continues to go farther and with greater impact.  Although many practices have addressed online consumers’ perceptions and use of websites by developing new mobile-responsive websites, they continue to market and promote the website in the same way they have always done in the past.

Web Design Digest: Legal – April 2016

Personalization is the common theme that unites each of the law firm websites that went live this month. The imagery on each of these sites prominently features principal attorneys at the firm, visually communicating with users the team members who will be handling their case.

Jensen Law Firm

Jensen Law Firm | Prescott AZ | New Legal Web DesignAppearing prominently on the home page for this North Central Arizona practice is the “Why Choose Jensen Law Firm” section. Augmenting the custom text in this block is a full photo of founding attorney Chris Jensen and firm partner Sean Phelan standing in front of evergreen trees commonly found in the Prescott area.

Web Design Digest: Ophthalmology – April 2016

Clear vision is a priority for anyone trying to find an eye doctor online. InFocus Eye Care in Bend, Oregon, executed its own clear vision in redesigning its practice website to appeal to contemporary patients and – of course – catch the eye.

InFocus Eye Care

Custom photography of Central Oregon's great outdoors plays a prominent part in the new design of the practice website, highlighting the positive impact vision correction can have on an active patient's lifestyle. Patients looking to learn more about these benefits can visit informative pages on procedures like LASIK, solutions for near vision, and more through intuitive menus and image-based call-to-action (CTA) elements on the home page.