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Christian Stack - Internet Marketing Consultant
April 20, 2018

Do you have a website for your business that captures potential clients and leads? Hopefully so, because in 2018 if you don’t, well …. We’ll just leave it at YOU SHOULD!

So, assuming you have a site for your business, do you ever wish you had someone to monitor your lead forms on your site and respond to them immediately? Do you find yourself too busy to respond to service or appointment inquiries in a timely fashion, and by the time you do respond they’ve already given their business to one of your competitors?

If these situations sound familiar to you, adding an Instant Chat feature to your site is probably a good idea! But what is Instant Chat. How does it work? Should I be using it on my site?

What Is Instant Chat?

Instant chat is a feature that allows a website visitor to ask questions, get answers and have their information passed on to you so you can follow up on the lead. Typically, a chat box will pop up on the side, bottom or top of your page. When a user clicks on it, a window opens up where they can chat back and forth with an agent. This agent can then send the lead information to you if follow up is needed.


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Bill Fukui - Director of Sales & Marketing
April 16, 2018

There is no question that your practice needs to get more positive reviews, but getting more happy customers to post reviews takes time and resources. In addition, when your practice generates positive reviews, what can you do to get more mileage out of them?

Tips To Get More Positive Reviews

The following are some quick tips to help you start generating more positive reviews:

  1. Attitude:  You and your team need to approach reviews with a positive attitude, not a defeatist approach or feel as though you are groveling for help. The vast majority of your clients like you and their results, and want to do nice things for people they know and appreciate.  Give them the opportunity to participate in the success of your practice with the expectation that they want to help.
  2. Timing:  Timing is everything when it comes to generating more positive reviews.  Your practice needs to identify the most effective time to invite your clients to share their experience.  Depending on the type of service and timeframe to deliver positive results, you may find that the timing can be...
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Saralyn Ciolek - Internet Marketing Consultant
April 12, 2018

Yesterday, our team of Internet Marketing Consultants met for our weekly meeting and chatted about the current volatility of search engine rankings. As we discussed how best to measure the success of a page with fluctuating data, it became clear that many of our clients had expressed similar concerns. Understandably, upon viewing their monthly rank reports and noticing frequent fluctuation of specific pages linked to priority keywords, clients reach out to us for an explanation. Seeing a lot of flux on your rank report can be alarming, especially when you are investing in monthly SEO services.

Even so, ranking flux is normal; in fact, it is less common that a page remains in one position for an extended period of time.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort to recognize and respond to dynamic factors that influence a page’s rank. SEO is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor, precisely because the “recipe” for a high-ranking page is always changing. The recipe’s ingredients are:

  1. On-page elements we can control
  2. Off-page elements that we can try to control
  3. External factors out of our...
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Jill Messinger - Social Media Specialist
April 09, 2018

It was recently reported that private data belonging to 87 million Facebook users was gathered and sold for political gain by a data collection company called Cambridge Analytica. The breach has caused users to question the ethical standards of social media platforms like Facebook and wonder how they can prevent their private data from circulating among third-party companies without their permission.

Facebook has assured the public it is taking serious measures to prevent similar data breaches in the future. However, many users are protesting the social media site by threatening to #DeleteFacebook. And while it is understandable that people have lost trust in the platform, quitting Facebook altogether is much easier said than done. Luckily, there are numerous ways to alter your Facebook privacy settings to ensure your personal information is not accessed and shared to third-party applications. Below are a few steps to strengthen your profile’s security and maintain data privacy on Facebook.

Strengthen Your Personal Privacy

The first step in locking down your Facebook profile is to adjust the Privacy settings located under the Settings menu. Under the Privacy tab, you can choose who has the ability to see your future...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
April 04, 2018

This month Page 1 Solutions launched two cosmetic surgery websites: one for a new client, one for a client who has been working with us for years. From a multi-doctor practice in the San Francisco Bay Area to a solo plastic surgeon near Orlando, our team is proud to unveil these latest custom website designs.

Here's a look at the appearance and function of these two new plastic surgery websites:

Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery

Mobile and desktop website for Altos Oaks Plastic SurgeryWith a team of six board-certified plastic surgeons, Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery is a destination in Silicon Valley for quality cosmetic treatment. Situated in scenic Los Altos, California, the office combines rustic charm with a state-of-the-art on-site surgical center. Similarly, the website design pairs a natural-looking aesthetic reminiscent of wood and stone with extensive details on the cosmetic surgery procedures performed at the practice.

Visitors will find information on surgery and skin treatments, as well as testimonials from patients satisfied with their results. The before-and-after galleries on the...

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Adam Rowan - Content Specialist
April 02, 2018

Warr Dental has been a client of Page 1 Solutions for more than 10 years. Just as Dr. Keith Warr and his team love to help patients achieve and maintain the perfect smile, Page 1 is proud of the long-term comprehensive marketing services we provide for this Salt Lake City dental practice.

Our latest collaboration is a custom website redesign. Let's look at the new features

Warr Dental

The first word in the website banner is "Personalized." That is a fitting description for the new design of the Warr Dental website.

Different kinds of custom content are the standout elements of the site. These include before-and-after galleries, patient reviews, and video testimonials – all featuring the words, images, and even on-camera presence of real people who were ecstatic about the results Dr. Warr and his team achieved for them. One patient shares her story on the home page, telling visitors how Warr Dental helped her overcome insecurity and realize her smile goals.

Other aspects of personalization in the new website design include the CTA highlighting the practice's flexible scheduling. The patient experience also comes through via a 3D tour of the office and home page graphics previewing the many services available at Warr Dental. As an LVI dentist, Dr. Warr has extensive training in multiple disciplines, including cosmetic, TMJ...

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Samuel Solis - Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
March 29, 2018

Last month we shared a blog post about the importance of online reviews and ratings. I’m not going to rehash that post, but I believe this statistic sums it up pretty well: 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make their final purchase decision. That should be convincing enough to invest in the growth and management of your online reputation, whether you are a small family-owned business or a large corporation.

Luckily, there are many tools to accomplish this. Page 1 Solutions offers one of the best platforms for business owners to manage their online reputations. The platform also reduces the amount of clicks or steps that customers need to take in order to leave a review for the business.

Today I’ll go over the key features of our review platform and how our clients are currently finding the best success in using the platform.

Easy-to-Use Widgets

Once the platform is set up, you’ll have access to a variety of widgets that can be easily implemented on your website and other assets like newsletters, email signatures and even business cards you can hand out.

The main widget where all of the “magic” happens looks like this:  


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Daniel Brophy - Social Media Specialist
March 28, 2018

People need products and services, and businesses need to advertise to reach them and stay competitive in the marketplace. Despite some recent controversies, Facebook remains a viable channel to reach the people that matter most to your practice.

There are a number of things to keep in mind from conceptualization to launch in order to get the best results and return on investment from your ads. Please watch Daniel Brophy, one of our Social Media Specialists, discuss the top 5 things you must do when launching a new Facebook ad campaign!

Daniel Brophy is a Social Media Specialist at Page 1 Solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Samuel Solis - Senior Internet Marketing Consultant
March 26, 2018
"Dr. Tirgari and his staff have been wonderful to work with for the past couple of years. He's a shining example of the type of client that "gets it" in regards to how to best communicate with his audience." 
Dr. Tirgari creates image and video assets on a daily basis for us to use on his website and as part of his social media campaigns. It allows viewers to get a glimpse into how these procedures work and in what settings they will take place. In turn this helps potential patients get over any anxiety they might be having about a procedure by seeing and partially experiencing the procedure through a video. The videos also provide an inside look into the quality and cleanliness of the office which is a big part of every patient experience.  
This is just one of many ways we try to educate potential patients before they come in for a consultation or procedure. We also offer guides on what to expect for our most popular procedures like ...
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Bill Fukui - Director of Sales & Marketing
March 23, 2018

In today’s online search world, local really does mean local. Proximity to the searcher’s location is the foremost ranking factor in local pack results, according to Moz. So, if your practice is located outside of a major metropolitan area, you have likely noticed diminished returns on your first-page listings for highly competitive search queries targeted to the big city.

Outside of moving offices, what can your practice do to increase your local search presence? First and foremost, it’s important to be realistic about your ability to rank in an area where you don’t have a physical office location. But, with this in mind, there are steps you can take to improve your presence in local search results. Here are 5 tips to help!

1). Get Good Reviews

When your prospective clients and patients search “near me” for your services, they are subconsciously looking for the best practice for their needs. No one wants to hire an average attorney or doctor, which is why a good star rating and positive comments are an absolute necessity for attracting prospective clients through search.

With reviews and ratings marketing...

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