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Why Google AdWords Don't Look Like Ads To Most Consumers

We all know that the top listings on Google search results are paid ads . . . or do we?

Earlier this year (February), a survey reported by Ofcom indicated 50% of Internet users who were shown a Google search result screenshot could not identify which listings were paid advertisements. Probably like you, I found this very surprising. 

However, read on . . .

Since then, Google has made some additional changes to how results are displayed.  A more recent survey now shows these changes have increased the number of users who could not identify paid ads to 55%.

How could this be? 

Well, once you take a closer look, you can understand why. 

A Quick Way to See Where Your Traffic Came From

Google Analytics offers us ample information on our clients' websites. The platform has recently added new visualization features and additional insight to your site, but without proper training and understanding of the terminology, it can be tough to digest.

My clients often ask for a quick way to reference where the traffic to their site is coming from. This can get complicated, especially if the client has multiple online initiatives running simultaneously.

Thankfully, Google Analytics has a quick, ease-to-read, chart to help us decipher where the traffic is coming from. Also, if you have the data, compare year-over-year data. I always like to see if organic traffic has gone up or down. Looking at traffic from June and July this year vs. last year will give me a much better idea of actual fluctuation.

How to Generate More Engagement on Social Media.

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content that was created by a brand’s consumers or by the users and not the owner of the platform. UGC can come in many different forms including tweets, images, reviews, videos, comments, etc. A brand can simply share a user’s photo or review, or create an entire marketing strategy that encourages consumers to generate content. In other words, user generated content is companies taking the best user content from around the web and featuring it on their social media and giving credit to the original creator. 

Case Study: Paid Social Advertising Increases Web Traffic More than 400% in One Month for Florida Law Firm

Raising awareness for your firm might seem expensive, but the key to any successful multi-channel digital marketing campaign is identifying which platforms provide the best return on investment and developing a cost-effective strategy. Canter Law, a legal client of Page 1 Solutions based in Boca Raton, Florida, discovered the benefits of budget-conscious marketing at the end of a month-long social ad campaign that launched in June and concluded in July.

The results of this campaign are detailed in the Slideshare presentation below, including considerable growth in Web traffic and a strong correlation between the dates of the campaign and a boost in leads. But perhaps one of the major takeaways is the cost savings between marketing channels – targeting users through the Facebook ad network rather than Google AdWords led to savings of over 180,000% (that's right, THOUSAND)!

Guide to Using Social Images & Inbound CTAs in Drupal & Wordpress

How To Leverage Social Images and Graphic Calls-To Action

We all realize that the Internet provides expanding opportunities to extend your reach and connect with more qualified prospects. Consumers of all ages and lifestyles who have a need and interest in your services are spending more time and doing more things on the Web with each passing month.

And practices are spending more money than ever to try and compete for them.

Unfortunately, most practice owners spend little time after their website is built focusing on images they incorporate into their marketing (website, social media, blogs, etc.), not realizing what a big difference it can make to their overall return on investment.

CLIENT OF THE MONTH: Adler Advanced Dentistry

Dr. Michael Adler has been with Page 1 Solutions since September 2015. Dr. Adler is a graduate of the University of Michigan and earned his DDS at Georgetown University. He's also had positions as a research biochemist at both Stanford University and U.C. Berkley and has been in private practice since 1990. Dr. Adler has always been committed to lifelong training and has done extensive research on the topics of neuromuscular dentistry and smile design at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Adler was also awarded a Fellowship from the Las Vegas Institute as well as a prestigious commission by Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop for his service as a Lieutenant in the United States Public Health Service. His time out of the office is spent taking fishing trips with his family or participating in the ancient sport of falconry.

#Page1MktChat Recap: Getting to Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is vital in any marketing strategy as it helps determine the type of content to be curated and where to best direct efforts based on the focus of your audience. In this week's chat we discovered how you can use tools such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics along with other tactics to better understand your audience with special guest Amelia Tran @AmelianTips.

Join us every other Monday at 2pm MST for additional insights into the industry and networking with other professionals.

Web Design Digest: Dental – July 2016

Results – they drive the marketing of every dental practice, and they are among the foremost factors patients take into account when choosing a provider who can enhance their smiles. Last month three of our dental clients debuted eye-catching new Web designs that highlight spectacular smile results in a comfortable, modern online environment.

Here's a look at the new designs for these dental practice websites:

Avoid Social Media Trouble – Don’t mention the Olympi_ _!

The long-awaited arrival of those special 2 weeks of sporting events (hint: sounds like Olympia) begins on Friday. 

Unfortunately, it also brings attention to the possibility of trouble you want to avoid with your social media.

Recently, the USOC sent letters to select non-sponsor companies warning them about stealing intellectual property and that businesses are violating trademark laws when even posting anything about it on their social media. 

“Commercial entities may not post about the Trials or Games on their corporate social media accounts,” reads the letter by USOC CMO, Lisa Baird, shared by “This restriction includes the use of USOC’s trademarks in hashtags.”

Web Design Digest: Cosmetic – July 2016

Los Angeles is often the home of new styles and aesthetic innovations. People in Los Angeles expect contemporary design, and those visiting the city from around the world look forward to experiencing something cutting-edge.

Let’s take a look at how world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald MD uses a modern, engaging design to set her new practice website apart:

Rebecca Fitzgerald MD

Modern Internet users love high-quality imagery and video, and the new website makes extensive use of these features to inform visitors about cosmetic and clinical skin care while demonstrating how Dr. Fitzgerald’s extensive experience can benefit patients seeking a better look. Clips in the video gallery are accessible in a convenient slider format that facilitates movement from one video to the next.