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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Online Content

By Adriana Santiago, Internet Marketing Consultant

It’s no secret that content marketing is valuable for the success of your marketing efforts. High-quality content adds value to your website, delivers more traffic, keeps audiences engaged and persuades them to take a particular action.

Content not only is integral in establishing your brand and delivering the right messages to your audience, but it also has a key impact on your SEO strategy because new content allows your website to rank for a more diverse set of search queries that corresponds to actual consumer searches. As search engines get smarter, high-quality content is one of the key components they look for.

For this reason, we see millions of businesses creating and publishing various forms of content marketing every day:

VIDEO: How Can Social Media Help My Online Marketing?

By Daniel Brophy, Social Media Specialist

Last summer we told you about the 5 traits of effective websites for law firms and medical practices. But now that you’ve built a website that meets the needs of your prospects and effectively represents your brand, how are people supposed to find you online?

A multi-channel digital marketing campaign encompasses many different strategies based on your needs, goals and where your potential clients reside online. One of the fastest-growing and most visible marketing channels that can help prospective clients start talking about you is social media.

I discuss opportunities for social media marketing in this video:

Why Direct Mail Still Makes Sense in a Digital World

By Andrea Techlin, Internet Marketing Consultant

With the growth and success of online marketing over recent years, you may find yourself tempted to cut out traditional marketing methods like direct mail to reduce your marketing budget. Although digital offers many advantages over print, like performance tracking dashboards and affordability of scale, it doesn’t mean it would be wise to focus all of your efforts only on this channel.

3 Ways Online Video Benefits Your Digital Marketing

By John Gaumnitz, Internet Marketing Consultant

Watching videos on the Internet is an engrossing experience. Platforms like YouTube present an ideal way to get news, entertainment and information in a digestible format, and the growth of video on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat makes personalized versions of video content almost endless.

Your target customers are also fascinated by online video. This presents a critical opportunity to engage potential leads.

According to Hubspot, embedding a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%. Here at Page 1 Solutions, we also see video search results for more than half of the keyword phrases our clients are targeting.

Web Design Digest: Cosmetic – January 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Page 1 Solutions celebrates the start of the new year with the debut of a new website for an exciting med spa client. Urban Skin Solutions, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments for a diverse and enthusiastic clientele.

Let's see how a unique new website design invigorates this premier skin and laser center's online experience.

Urban Skin Solutions

Practice founder and owner Rachel Roff and her team are proud to be Charlotte's leading laser and skin care facility for ethnic skin tones. This commitment to diversity is evident in the imagery throughout the site.

Retargeting as a Method for Marketing to a Niche Audience

By Alexa Davis, Internet Marketing Consultant

Practices in the legal, plastic surgery, dental and ophthalmology fields must identify and market to a niche audience in order to reach their target clients. As a practice owner or manager, the thought of niche marketing can be a very daunting thought. How will you be able to capture the kinds of leads you’re looking for? That’s a great question – and one that I recently had to answer for a client of mine! Now I’ll share it with you.

Here’s some context:

Google Ranking Factors – The End as We Know Them

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

This is the second of a three-part update on SEO in 2017, and follows up Why Long Tail SEO is Better Than Fixating on Prized Keyword Phrases.  To provide additional perspective on SEO trends, I thought it would be helpful to share insights from a highly recognized SEO-industry authority, SearchMetrics, an enterprise platform for SEO, content marketing and social media agencies.

SearchMetrics, which annually publishes its highly anticipated Google Ranking Factors study (published in December), indicated that its 2016 report will be the last time it will publish the study in its traditional form.

Case Study: Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign (Slideshare)

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

As Page 1 Solutions President Dan Goldstein says in his eBook "Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing," successful online marketing encompasses multiple strategies to drive website traffic and convert qualified visitors into leads. While knowledge, experience and advanced tools all make it feasible to track the success of a single marketing channel, it takes additional effort and ability to assess the overall impact of a complete digital marketing campaign on a client's online performance and lead generation.

Why Long Tail SEO Is Better Than Fixating On Prized Keyword Phrases

For some time now, you have seen data and information about “long-tail keyword phrases” and conversational-types of searches.  Yet, your SEO attention and activities continued to fixate on a handful or even one “holy grail” search phrase. 

However, during this past Christmas season, you probably saw the Google Home commercial of a father reading a bedtime picture book to his daughter, who asks “how big is a blue whale?”

The key takeaway here is that Google shares insight on how consumers now search beyond one or two-word fragments.

What is Long Tail SEO?