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Client of the Month: Dr. Scott Greenberg

Dr. Scott Greenberg has been a client with Page 1 Solutions since 2004 and has always been a collaborative partner who implements new marketing techniques with enthusiasm. His cosmetic surgery practice, Lakemont Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Winter Park, Florida, is dedicated to “providing safe, comprehensive and professional care while attending to each patient’s individual plastic surgery needs.” Dr. Greenberg has been in practice for 27 years and received his training in General Surgery at Boston University Affiliated Hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts.

Should My Practice Be on Instagram?

At Page 1 Solutions, we work with attorneys, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and cosmetic dentists who often doubt the benefits of utilizing newer forms of social media - like Instagram - to market their businesses. One of the biggest hesitations we hear from them is, “Instagram won’t get me leads.” But - contrary to popular belief - that is far from the truth. Instagram not only gives professional practices the opportunity to personalize their brand and share it with the public at large - but it also gives their potential customers the ability to contact them directly through the app (via email and/or messaging). As a former Internet Marketing Consultant here at Page 1, I addressed this “million dollar question” with my clients on many occasions and to make a long-story-short, the answer is almost always going to be a resounding YES – you should be on Instagram.

5 Metrics You Should Be Regularly Monitoring

Sales Funnel - Steps of Consumer Engagement and Conversion | Page 1 SolutionsBy Saralyn Ciolek, Internet Marketing Consultant

Effective marketing is half messaging and half measuring. Unless both of these elements are reviewed and refined regularly, your marketing efforts will almost certainly fall short.

In fact, messaging and measuring are interdependent; monitoring your website’s metrics offers indispensible clues into the efficacy of your brand’s message. Armed with the right data, you can feel confident in crafting a marketing strategy that will position your brand for success.

A New Marketing Option: Why Web Marketing Consultants Make Sense

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

Internet marketing continues to increase in its complexity and practices need to find more and more ways to leverage the Web to grow their online business.  In fact, some practices that don’t even show up on the first page of Google search results still point to their website as their best source for new, quality leads.

However, as Internet options and opportunities increase, so has the cost and potential of wasting valuable time and money.  To complicate things, practices that are not getting needed results face the daunting task of finding a provider who requires they rebuild the website and implement a long menu of expensive online marketing services.

It is no wonder that the majority of practices are frustrated with Internet marketing. 

What Are Your Options?

The Importance of Blogging

By John Gaumnitz, Internet Marketing Consultant

As the Internet continues to evolve, so has the way people search for information. One thing that has remained constant is the importance of having solid, regular, relevant content being injected into your website to build trust with prospective clients and patients and signal to the search engines that your site provides authoritative answers to consumer queries. After all, Content Is King!

Blogging has come a long way over the years. Now, it is an integral part of any legal or medical practice’s marketing plan – it is a digital marketing strategy no practice owner or manager should neglect. Here are the Top 5 reasons why blogging is important and what publishing regular blog posts can do for you and your practice:

Does Your Plastic Surgery Website Need a Redesign? Take Our Quiz!

Cosmetic service providers come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, including plastic surgery, dermatology, medical-grade skin care and more. Despite this disparate experience, all of these practices need a website design that effectively builds rapport with potential patients and establishes a strong online marketing presence.

Take this quiz to find out if your cosmetic website would benefit from a redesign:



Think it might be time to give your website a facelift? Here are a few more questions to consider:

3 Ways to Recapture & Nurture Your Leads

By Adriana Santiago, Internet Marketing Consultant

Traffic to the website is great, but we all know that ultimately leads drive your business. While many users are visiting the website of your practice and making a quick decision on your product or service, just as many users are abandoning the pages or deciding not to go through with a decision just yet.

In these scenarios where users abandon your website before converting, the lawyers, doctors and dentists we serve wonder just how to recapture the attention of prospective leads and give them the final push to convert.