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Website Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – June 2018

Summer is a time when beauty shines brightest. Page 1 Solutions is proud to mark the season with the launch of not one but three eye-catching new website designs for plastic surgeon clients.

Plastic surgery is all about positive change and a refreshed look. Let's see what the exciting new designs achieve for the look and feel of these practice websites:

Website Design Digest: Dental – June 2018

Having a smile you're proud of is about more than just good looks. Dr. Ryan Clancy knows that a beautiful smile can change the way patients see themselves, the way they look at life, and how others see them. These are the reasons that Dr. Clancy makes comprehensive care the core mission of his Boston-area dental practice.

Dr. Clancy has been a client of Page 1 Solutions for several years. He recently collaborated with us on a redesign of his practice website that emphasizes original photography and video assets. Let's see how these custom visuals enhance his online presence:

Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry takes many different forms. The before-and-after gallery showcases a wide range of cosmetic options, such as porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, and Invisalign treatment, alongside comprehensive options such as dental implants, TMJ therapy, and laser dentistry for gum disease.

Why You Should Plan Your Responsive Website with a Mobile-First Approach

mobile-first web designHave you just opened a practice and need a website created? Do you have an existing website that needs some updates? If you are looking to develop a website in the near future, you need to understand the importance of mobile-first Web design.

What Is Mobile-First?

A mobile-first approach to Web design is exactly what it sounds like – designing for the smallest screen and then expanding features for larger tablet and desktop views.

Website Design Digest: Highpoint Dental Care

mobile-first website design for dentists - Highpoint Dental Care in Aurora, COMore and more users are accessing the Internet on smartphone and tablet devices. Page 1 Solutions recognizes the importance of "mobile-first" website design, and we are pleased to introduce a truly mobile-first experience with the new website for Highpoint Dental Care.

Based in Aurora, Colorado, Highpoint Dental Care combines a dedication to building close patient relationships with extensive experience providing advanced treatments. The mobile-first design highlights both aspects of this patient philosophy.

Website Design Digest: Bromley Park Dental

website design for Bromley Park Dental in Brighton, ColoradoBromley Park Dental has been a Page 1 Solutions client for a number of years. When dentists at the practice decided it was time to re-design their website, they worked closely with our team to create a warm, inviting aesthetic that reflects the environment patients experience in the office.

See what custom photography and original content did for this updated dental website:

Website Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – March 2018

This month Page 1 Solutions launched two cosmetic surgery websites: one for a new client, one for a client who has been working with us for years. From a multi-doctor practice in the San Francisco Bay Area to a solo plastic surgeon near Orlando, our team is proud to unveil these latest custom website designs.

Here's a look at the appearance and function of these two new plastic surgery websites:

Website Design Digest: Dental – March 2018

Warr Dental has been a client of Page 1 Solutions for more than 10 years. Just as Dr. Keith Warr and his team love to help patients achieve and maintain the perfect smile, Page 1 is proud of the long-term comprehensive marketing services we provide for this Salt Lake City dental practice.

Our latest collaboration is a custom website redesign. Let's look at the new features

Warr Dental

The first word in the website banner is "Personalized." That is a fitting description for the new design of the Warr Dental website.

Why Your Mobile-Friendly Website Isn’t Enough – Optimize!

For the past few years, we have all been inundated with information pushing practices to focus on the mobile Web.  Consequently, we now have a lot of mobile-related terminology and chatter about your website needing to be mobile-ready, mobile-responsive, mobile-friendly, mobile-first, mobile-optimized and more!

Many practices use these terms interchangeably without realizing there is a distinct difference between being mobile-friendly versus mobile optimized.

“Our website is already mobile-friendly. Why do I need to spend more on a mobile optimization strategy?”

I get this question frequently, and my answer is simple:  All mobile-friendly websites are not the same. 

Mobile-Friendly vs. Mobile Optimized

Website Design Digest: Cosmetic Surgery – February 2018

The word "genesis" suggests new beginnings. The new custom website design for Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa marks a new way for Dr. Jayesh Panchal to engage and educate male and female patients in the Oklahoma City area.

Let's see how the redesign rejuvenates this plastic surgery and med spa website.

Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

The banner photo of a happy young couple strolling on the beach exemplifies the aspirational image Dr. Panchal strives to create for his patients. The same is true of his new website design.

The before-and-after gallery showcases the results Dr. Panchal has achieved through surgery of the face, breasts and body, as well as non-surgical treatments. Patients who peruse the galleries will notice pictures of both women and men, which highlights Dr. Panchal's commitment to providing quality care to patients of both genders.

Website Design Digest: Dental – February 2018

Quality patient care is a key component of many dental website designs. For Montane Dental Care, our designers transformed a nickname provided by patients into a welcoming look and user experience.

Let's see what makes the new website for Montane Dental Care different.

Montane Dental Care

Dr. Jorge Montane is focused on the comfort of his patients. His reputation for friendly service and gentle treatment has earned him the moniker "No-Pain Montane" among patients in the Bay Area – some of whom travel from miles away for appointments at his office in Fremont, California.

The new design emphasizes this philosophy of dental care in several ways. The home page banner immediately engages visitors with the tagline "Pain-Free Dentistry." Images throughout the website feature patients of all ages, highlighting the family focus of Montane Dental Care.


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