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Adapting to Social Media Marketing

There is a reason why light bulbs evolved from fire, why laptops evolved from desktops, and why cell phones evolved from landlines. The reason is technology, and the efficiency that is derived from using technology. 

This can be compared to how digital marketing has evolved from traditional marketing practices. Since we have access to computers and are communicating online, brands and companies need to adapt to digital marketing trends, specifically social media marketing. Companies that do not adapt will not survive in the modern day marketplace. 

Social media marketing is vital to forming brand awareness among segments of your target market. In North America alone, 89 percent of the population is online, with 77 percent of Americans using social media.

7 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement + 3 Ways This Can Benefit Your Online Exposure

We all know that it is important for businesses to have a presence on social media and be active on it. There are many people who consider social media and SEO as two separate entities that act two different ways. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this blog post, I will detail the importance of how engaging social media posts can also contribute to your overall online exposure.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Having a target audience in mind will help you come up with content that will resonate with the people whose business you are trying to earn. Investing efforts in reaching the people who are more likely to need your services will not only provide that relevant exposure, but also help brand and drive business your way.

Use Screen Time Limits to Your Advantage on Social Media

two guys engrossed in their smartphonesToday, people are deciding to be more conscious of the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices in general and social media apps in particular. In fact, Apple's newest iOS update features new screen time tools that are designed to give users a better idea of just how much time they look at their phones and what apps occupy the most time spent staring at a screen. This new screen time feature also gives you the option to create notifications that make it easier to limit the time you spend on certain apps.

Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Social Media Specialist

As a Social Media Specialist, I am often asked by friends, family members, and the occasional colleague what exactly it is I do on a day-to-day basis. In their minds, my job consists solely of Likes, Follows, funny GIFs, and dealing with the latest Facebook security breach. Much to their surprise, my role as a Social Media Specialist extends far beyond that of friend requests and cat memes.

In my position, I have the opportunity to create and maintain our clients’ unique social media presence by retaining brand awareness, providing customer service, connecting with a target audience, and even generating leads through social media advertising. In reality, each day varies widely depending on our clients’ digital marketing needs. But to present a better idea of the work I provide my clients, I’ve broken down the top five job functions of a Social Media Specialist.

Our Relationship With Facebook Has Changed, But It Remains a Highly Viable Marketing Channel!

facebook is here to stay as a viable social media marketing channel

Last week, a Pew Research survey indicated that Americans are changing their relationship with Facebook. I did a brief write-up last week discussing why this might be happening, and what it means for brands and businesses that rely on the platform as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.

Facebook Fallout: Research Shows Social Giant Losing Users (esp. Millennials)

Facebook has dominated the social media space and much of the greater online landscape for the last decade or more. Facebook essentially wrote the book on what it means to be a social media platform. At the end of the day, it is a product. And all products go through a life-cycle. Facebook may very well be entering into more of a maturity phase. It is inevitable to see a shift in user behavior and consumer perceptions of the platform. 

Does Social Media Affect Search Rankings?

For many years, the connection between search engine optimization and social media activity has been contentious at best. They seemed to exist on two different planes: Social media was largely confined to the platform(s) you used, while search rankings were influenced by hundreds of factors on and off of your website.

Google has said time and time again that social media signals are not a direct ranking factor in search results. But, certain social activities do correlate strongly with better search results.

So, whether you invest in social media marketing with an agency or handle it on your own time, the answer is yes: search rankings can improve with an active social media presence!

Should I Be On Instagram?

Is your business on Instagram? This is a question that is probably coming up more and more in conversations with customers. Some businesses (shockingly) don’t know if they have one, some are not on it, but most are, becoming more aware of its importance and allocating efforts to be more active on it. For businesses that are not on Instagram, the common excuse is because they just do not want to learn how to manage another platform. In reality, Instagram is a platform that should not be ignored for any business out there looking to grow their overall exposure. In this blog post, I am going to detail why it is important for your business to not only be on Instagram, but to be active on it:

Two Major Facebook Updates: Rate Users and How Customers Recommend Your Practice

In the past week, there have been two major news updates about the Web’s most popular social media platform.  These changes will impact both Facebook users, as well as your practice. 

The first news was that Facebook has started to judge the credibility of its users as a way to predict their trustworthiness when flagging problematic content.  The second relates to Facebook Business Pages and how customers can publicly announce their satisfaction with your practice.

Too Many Social Profiles? It's Time to Make the Merge!

More Is Not Merrier

The point of social media marketing is to have a seamless marketing message across multiple platforms using a uniform username that represents your business, brand or service. When multiple profiles are created under your business name, it will scatter your audience rather than consolidate it on a given social media platform.

For starters, managing several pages can be messy. It takes additional time, energy and organization to watch and engage with multiple profiles. The analysis process will also become tedious and inefficient due to the additional time and energy it takes to compound data from multiple profiles.


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