Law Firm Marketing In a Down Economy – Boosted SEO Opportunity

Last week, I shared some insights on factoring a volatile economy into your 2019 marketing plans. For most elective, fee-for-service-based practices (plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, LASIK, etc.) a declining economy historically translated into a drop in consumer search activity and lead generation, and an increasing need to effectively compete for more market share.

This week, I want to paint a different picture for firms in the legal industry.

Having marketed law firms for over 25 years (long before Google), some of our team members have been through multiple swings in the economy over that time.  Generally speaking, we saw the majority our attorney firm clients (primarily in personal injury) experience an increase in consumer interest and generate more leads and cases during declining economic times. 

Google to Let Users Leave Comments on Search Results

Google is constantly rolling out a number of algorithmic updates. Many of Google’s updates are minor, but occasionally there are major ones that can really have an effect on the search results in significant ways.

2018 did not disappoint. Two of the most notable developments were the “Medic” core update and the Chrome Security Warnings for websites that don’t use HTTPS encryption. But the year isn’t over yet, with Google announcing another new feature that relates to what users can do within search results.

Why Backlinks Are Key to SEO Success

There are many important factors for building a strong internet marketing strategy. Of those different elements, backlinking is an important one.

Often I am asked, “What is backlinking, and why do I need to do that?” Let’s take a dive into the importance of a backlink and how it can affect your internet marketing presence.

What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is an incoming link on another site that points back to your website. Search engines like Google reward websites with high-quality, relevant backlinks, ranking them higher in the search results.

Unfortunately, achieving a backlink isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. You will want to continually look to improve your backlink profile while trimming links that aren’t relevant or damaging to your brand.

Standard vs. Long-Form Pages: What's Better for SEO?

overall results for long-form contentIn the digital marketing world, we’ve all heard the phrase content is king. While there are many different marketing channels your practice can utilize, there’s simply no way to take shortcuts with online content.

As Google’s algorithm gets smarter, it’s more difficult for web managers to manipulate their site to maintain optimal performance without uniquely written, high-quality content. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and poorly written content that has your site ranking in the #1 SERP position.

In this article:

Get Better Google Local SEO Results - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Sometimes getting to the first page of important Google search results isn’t enough.  
In many cases, it’s even more valuable to get listed in the local map pack listings. Not only are those listings typically higher on the page than traditional organic listings, they are visually more compelling and have additional information like your phone number, reviews, address, hours, links to your website and directions.  

More Links, Same Problems? How Quality Backlinks Improve Your Listing

You’ve educated yourself enough on SEO to know that backlinks are important, but you know that you do not have the time it takes to find and get quality backlinks. So you did the next best thing and hired an SEO company that promised you lots of backlinks in a short amount of time. Over the span of a few months, you get reports showing you a growth in backlinks. But you haven’t seen your keyword rankings improve. Weren’t the new backlinks supposed to drive your keyword rankings to the top?

This assumption isn’t as simple as 1+1=2. There are more details that go into a backlink building strategy than just increasing the number of backlinks. Three main parts of this process are:

Written Content is Still King . . . Barely

Most SEO-related information and news has focused on Google’s ranking algorithm concentrating more on user experience; and that includes me.

For example, I recently shared this month’s Gooogle Speed update, where Google announced it will incorporate mobile site speed as a bigger ranking factor.  And since Google also publicly stated that it has rolled out mobile-first indexing (since the majority of its audience are on mobile), the speed update will likely impact rankings on all devices.

Google Elevates Mobile Agenda: Is Your Website Ready For The Speed Update?

Most practices realize Google wants to serve up web pages and content that give visitors what they want and provide a great experience.  For years, Google has researched online user activities and continually updates its algorithms to incorporate user experience elements as part of its ranking factors.

The vast majority of these updates are minor and rollout without much notice.  However, there are instances when they are more significant. Major updates force practices and marketers to change how they produce and deliver content to target users, if they want to get indexed and rank well.

In recent years, many of these updates have focused on Google’s commitment to mobile. 

Why Are Backlinks Important to SEO?

In today’s day and age, most people are familiar with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. As everything continues to shift towards digital, so has the emphasis on doing what is necessary to make your website more visible within the search results pages.

When it comes to SEO, there are a number of moving pieces that will all contribute to the overall health and strength of your website. Having a solid backlink presence is one of the top ones.

In order to better understand what I am talking about here, I think it’s best to first describe what a backlink actually is: A backlink is essentially a hyperlink on another website that directs back to your website. 

Now that we have addressed what a backlink is, let’s talk about why they are important. Here is a breakdown of the top things you need to know:


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