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Community Engagement and You: Reputation Management

The importance of managing your public image when you own and operate your own business cannot be something you do passively. As consumers become more and more educated and focused on the ethics and civic engagement of a company, the need to shine a positive light on your practice’s reputation increases dramatically.

Over the course of this blog post, I will discuss three easy ways through community engagement to bolster your public reputation. Aside from these three methods below, bolstering your reviews is a great way to manage your reputation. Reviews reflect positive customer experiences. Building a positive reputation through good works enables you to elevate your standing among people in the community who have perhaps not used your services, but nonetheless take notice of your contribution.

Page 1 Solutions at the miraDry Marketing Bootcamp in San Diego

Last week, Page 1 Solutions had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the debut miraDry® Marketing Bootcamp in San Diego, CA. Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Bill Fukui, along with myself, Daniel Brophy, Senior Social Media Specialist, each shared insights on a number of key digital marketing concepts.

Why You Should Consider Yourself a Salesperson

From the earliest years of our education, marketers are taught to understand the line between their role and that of the sales team. They can often be heard saying, “I don’t consider myself a salesperson” and most DON'T actually consider themselves as such. However, successful marketers embrace their inner salesperson for the good of their clients’ bottom line. After all, marketing and sales are very separate aspects of business that are most successful when they hold hands over the aforementioned line.

Client of the Month: New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts

New Look New Life is a new client that joined Page 1 Solutions in January 2019. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky and her husband Gabriele opened their practice in 2009, which has since grown to two location and an accredited Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship program by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, led by Dr. Karlinsky. The general body and facial surgery programs ensures that they offer the latest techniques and technologies to their patients. It has also helped New Look New Life gain Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Carey Nease who recently joined the practice.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing

Many agencies and speakers are advocating the importance of multi-channel marketing. You might also have encountered the term "omni-channel marketing." No matter what terms you use, the message is clear: marketing success derives from a multifaceted strategy that encompasses a host of elements to build your brand, drive website traffic, capture leads, and generate revenue.

Page 1 Solutions was ahead of the game when it comes to multi-channel marketing. Dan Goldstein published "Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing" in 2016, and we have worked with attorneys, plastic surgeons, med spas, dentists, and ophthalmologists to create comprehensive, winning marketing strategies ever since.

How Do I Create a Marketing Budget? Part 2

business people reviewing data to build marketing budgetWelcome back!

Last time, we went over how to build a budget for reviews, SEO, and having a social media presence to help increase revenue for your practice. These three marketing tactics help break down trust barriers between your practice and potential clients, as well as making sure you are showing up on search engine results so those potential clients can find you!

If you have questions about these and other marketing tactics, feel free to reach out to us at 800-368-9910 for your free assessment. Today we will answer questions you may have on our next three topics of conversation: pay-per-click ads, display advertising, and videos.

5 Steps to Increase Rapport with Clients

The old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” comes to mind when beginning to dig into rapport building. Before focusing on product sales and helping a client flesh out their marketing plan/budget, first you need to focus on building that trust and rapport.

1. Know Before You Go

Helping your clients achieve their marketing goals will only go as far as the preparation you put into truly understanding who the client is; do your homework! You should have a thorough understanding of who your point person is, their background and their role within the company.

Going into the first meeting or call with a client, you need to have researched the company’s organizational structure, industry trends, website and what makes them unique. Doing your homework and showing that you’re invested will help provide for a good first conversation!

Client of the Month: Meadows Dental Group

For over a year now, Page 1 Solutions has had the pleasure of partnering alongside Meadows Dental Group. Their comprehensive dental practice is unique because they've created a welcoming, warm environment for anyone who walks through their doors, whether they've been a patient previously or not. Dr. O’Leary, Dr. Pepplar, and all of the staff are dedicated to helping their patients have a comfortable experience whether they’re there for a regular cleaning, or if it’s someone with extreme dental anxiety who needs a little more reassurance.

"I love that they're a local client so I can actually visit them to have our meetings in person. Their staff is always so friendly whenever I've gone to visit and I look forward to my next trip to see them. The Doctors are always great to work with and Jen, their office manager, is a rock star. Thanks for being a great client to work with!" 

How Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Practices Can Benefit from Patient Loyalty Programs

custom patient loyalty program for New Look New Life - cosmetic surgeons in New YorkAll cosmetic surgeons want out of the discount game. Patients might be elated at the savings they enjoy from specials offers on services such as injectables, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc., but soon they start hunting for the lowest price. Some even delay maintenance treatments in the hope that you’ll discount the service in the next month.

A patient loyalty program may encompass monthly specials, but the goals and the strategy behind it are much more robust. Done right, they offer rewards and incentives to current patients without the “race-to-the-bottom” quality that daily deal and discount sites use to attract bargain shoppers.

Client of the Month: The Laser & Skin Surgery Center

Dr. Renuka Diwan, Board Certified Dermatologist and owner of Cleveland’s Laser and Skin Surgery Center, deeply cares about her patients and the results that they are desperately wanting. With Dr. Diwan’s “progressive approach”, she takes the desired results of her patients and builds out the best plan for each individual person. Between her vast array of services and 26 years of experience, she’s able to educate and cater to each individual person to deliver some of the best results we’ve seen. Not only does Dr. Diwan produce amazing results, she performs extensive research on any procedure or machine that she may consider bringing into her practice to offer to her patients.


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