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Client of the Month: Dr. Shaun Patel

This month, we are pleased to recognize Dr. Shaun Patel of Miami Skin & Vein as Page 1 Solutions’ Client of the Month!

Dr. Patel is relatively new client whose website was designed by Page 1 Solutions and launched on December 1, 2017. In just 6 short months, Dr. Patel has risen to the top of search rankings for his priority injectables terms, in part due to his continual engagement, enthusiasm for creating new written and video content, and his strong presence on social media.   

Why Your Landing Pages Are Not Turning Expensive Visits Into Leads

If you are like most practices, your marketing efforts concentrate the majority of your attention, time, resources and money focusing on reaching more, higher-quality audiences.  Whether it is SEO, PPC, social media, display advertising or retargeting, practices primarily focus on simply reaching more target prospects.

Unfortunately, few invest the time to assess, track, test, and update their most important conversion asset: landing pages.

Client of the Month: Paul Binon, DDS, MSD

Here at Page 1 Solutions, we pick a Client of the Month to help highlight clients that are proactive partners in their online marketing efforts and as a result are seeing increasingly better and better results from those online marketing campaigns.   This month's winner is Dr. Paul Binon DDS, MSD and FAO, a dentist specializing in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry and serving patients in Roseville, CA and the surrounding areas.

7 Tips To Get More From Your Branded Audience – Retarget With A Purpose!

There is a high cost of time and money to attract the right audience to your website and social profiles, not to mention convert them into an initial inquiry or lead.

Yet, the vast majority of practices that ask me to evaluate their online marketing continue to either: 1) not invest in retargeting, or 2) don’t do it effectively. They waste time and money, and eventually say it doesn’t work.

If this is your practice, or you feel you can always improve (I love collaborating with entrepreneurs!), then this article is for you.

5 Conversion Strategies With Tips To Generate More Clients

If you are like most practices, you continue to invest more internet marketing dollars primarily to generate MORE – more exposure; more traffic, and more leads.  

However, if you only generate more revenue by simply spending more, you are probably missing the most important criteria for high ROI: More Conversions!

What if I can help you generate more business with the dollars you are already spending?  In many cases, practices already invest enough marketing dollars and generate sufficient exposure and traffic.  They simply don’t convert them into leads, and leads into consultations and new customers.

Here are five conversion categories and tips to help you get more with less. 


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