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Page 1 Solutions Named a Finalist in 2018 Content Marketing Awards

We are proud to announce that Page 1 Solutions is one of just 7 finalists (alongside such big names as Microsoft, State Street Bank, and Spectrum Health) in contention for the Website category of PR Daily's Content Marketing Awards! This recognition spotlights the website and multi-channel digital marketing campaign for our client Dr. Sacha Obaid.

The Secret Weapon for a Successful Practice

Page 1 Solutions team photo outside marking start of springThere is one element to your marketing strategy that you probably don’t even realize is affecting your results. Or maybe you do know that it has an impact, but you don’t fully comprehend how much. It is one of the deciding factors in whether your marketing efforts catapult your business forward – creating broader brand awareness, driving more leads, and enhancing your reputation – or whether your efforts fall flat.

So what is that magic ingredient? Employee satisfaction.

Yes, you heard me right. Your employees have a direct impact on your business’ success.

What's New in Cosmetic Practice Marketing?

In late September 2018, we announced our acquisition of Strategic Edge Partners. This move benefits clients in the cosmetic practice industry by offering a one-stop marketing agency that offers everything from brand development (digital and physical) to website design and social media management.

Through our acquisition of Strategic Edge Partners, we’re now able to offer four new services to our clients: Loyalty Programs, Event Planning, Print Materials and On-Site Consulting. I’ll briefly go into what each new service offers and how it can fit into your marketing needs.

Loyalty Program

A patient loyalty program is all about offering your patients great value in return for their recurring business. For many patients, cosmetic treatment isn’t usually one-and-done. So, incentivising retention makes sense and is a key to increased and sustained revenue.

An Interview with Dana Fox

On September 28, 2018, Page 1 Solutions announced the acquisition of Strategic Edge Partners, a boutique marketing agency for aesthetic medical practices. Dana Fox, former President and CEO of SEP, has joined Page 1 Solutions as the Vice President of Practice Development, bringing her 30 years of industry experience to the clients we serve. I sat down with Dana to learn a little more about her and the expertise she’s gained over the years.

Saralyn Ward: First off, welcome to Page 1! I would love to hear a little bit more about your background, and how you arrived at this point in your career.

Client of the Month: The Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, JR., PC

Humberto Izquierdo has been with Page 1 Solutions since April 2017. During this time, Humberto has been latching onto any and all recommendations both for his current website as well has his internet marketing on how to improve his business. Most recently, The Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, JR.,PC  have decided to add a Spanish website to the mix so that he is able to better serve those in his community.

The 3 Critical Components to Your Digital Marketing Success

Marketing is a unique endeavor because to be successful requires a combination of technical understanding, creative thinking, and an attitude of service. Few companies succeed at all three of these all the time. Even still, when designing your company’s marketing strategy, it pays to consider these three important components that will drive your brand forward and, ultimately, get you more leads.

The Technical Component

Marketing, by its very definition, is helping people discover and engage with your company, your mission, and your services. In order to do that, you must position yourself in front of your target audience. And where is that audience, in today’s day and age? They are online.

Page 1 Solutions Announces Acquisition of Strategic Edge Partners

Today, Page 1 Solutions’ President Dan Goldstein and Strategic Edge Partners’ President Dana Fox announced a new chapter for the two companies as they join forces to offer a more robust and comprehensive scope of medical marketing services.

Dana Fox is a trusted and renowned consultant who has spent the last 30 years pioneering the art of branding for cosmetic surgeons. She has built three companies, published a book on medical marketing, advised industry boards, partnered with Mentor, Allergan and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and advised countless medical professionals on the best way to grow their business.  Now, the next phase of Fox’s career will be as Vice President of Practice Development at Page 1 Solutions.

In Detail: A Marketing Funnel-Based Campaign

graphic showing stages of the marketing funnelThe concept of the Buyer's Journey or Purchase Funnel is something that has guided marketing efforts for quite some time. If you’re not sure what the Buyer’s Journey is, then take a look at a previous blog post that explains the different parts of the journey and what strategies are applicable to each stage of the concept.


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