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Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing

It’s first thing in the morning and your eyes are still crusted over as you grab your phone to shut off your alarm. You find yourself opening your mail app and scanning as you see email after email of deals from your favorite companies. You ask yourself: Why do they keep sending me these? The reason is because email marketing works!

You may think that email marketing is just not for you. However, I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth. Below you will find 3 reasons why you should be using email marketing to help promote your business.

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Your Practice During the Holiday Season

By Andrea Kalan, Internet Marketing Consultant

The upcoming holiday season is a great reason to spend more time with friends and family and to find ways to express your love and gratitude for them. This means that businesses are busy trying to convince shoppers that they have the perfect gift for someone on their list. It seems like everyone has a coupon or special event that can’t be missed!

Even if you’re not in retail, as a medical practice owner there are some things you can do to market yourself and your services leading up to and during the holidays. Smartphones allow us to easily know about the best offers and latest updates by checking our email inbox or our social newsfeed. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to reach your patients with one of these timely touch points through your digital channels.

3 Ways to Recapture & Nurture Your Leads

By Adriana Santiago, Internet Marketing Consultant

Traffic to the website is great, but we all know that ultimately leads drive your business. While many users are visiting the website of your practice and making a quick decision on your product or service, just as many users are abandoning the pages or deciding not to go through with a decision just yet.

In these scenarios where users abandon your website before converting, the lawyers, doctors and dentists we serve wonder just how to recapture the attention of prospective leads and give them the final push to convert.

What Makes for an Engaging Email Campaign

Would it surprise you to learn that your customers are ready to see your brand at any point during their day?  How is that possible? The answer is really simple: with email. 

An email campaign is a tool that your practice should be utilizing more to stay in front of your already-current client list, and those who want to know what your practice is up to.

Emails are read everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Studies have shown, 70 % of people have admitted to reading emails while watching TV, 50 % claim to have read emails while on vacation and another 50 % while resting in bed. This means that your email can be first seen when the client first wake up in the morning and the last before they fall asleep.

Free Custom Images, 2015 Email Statistics, New Location Tips

 To provide a wider variety of relevant marketing-related information about marketing your firm or practice, without forcing you to read long, multiple posts, I thought it would be helpful to share some quick insights to a number of resources I ran across recently.  I include links to more detailed information if you want to read more.  I chose these items because I believe they can provide helpful information, but also interesting perspective to marketing professional services, like yours.


How to post custom images for little or no cost

3 Foundational Tips for Email Marketing

The experienced team at Page 1 Solutions can help you target specific audiences for more effective email marketing. Email has been around a long time, and people across the country continue to use it for communication. But like Twitter and Facebook, the ways people use email and inboxes themselves are evolving. Stay on top of the way email marketing is changing with these 3 tips:

Email Marketing Tips - Page 1 Solutions1. Adapt to the evolution of inboxes.

Your emails should be:

Mobile Email – Is Your Practice Slow to React?

In recent studies on email marketing, statistics indicate that business-to-consumer (B2C) emails have significantly increased in mobile device exposure in 4th quarter 2013 compared to 3rd quarter.

Here is a link to the recent MarketingProfs article:

New Gmail Inbox Tabs – Don’t Panic About Your Email Marketing, Yet

Not too long ago, Google decided it was time to better organize email.  They created tabs for Gmail. If you’re a Gmail user, you’ve likely seen these new tabs at the top of your account.

Gmail Tabs Overview

Google has chosen a total of five tabs, but only the first three initially show up, “Primary,” “Social,” and “Promotions.” The other two tabs, “Updates” and “Forums,” can be added to your email header by clicking on the + sign next to your last tab. You can also customize these tabs to show just one, two or all five.


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