Why Press Releases Are Still Useful

In the age when social media has changed the way people communicate around the world. it’s often thought that distributing your business’s news solely via social media is enough. However, there is still very much a need and a benefit that press releases can provide in successfully promoting your business. This is not to say that social media is powerless by any means when it comes to getting the word out, but the value of a properly written and distributed release can help further deliver important messages in a credible and targeted way that reaches key audiences with messages that matter to them.

Blog Authorship: What It Is & Why You Should Have It

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages per Google guidelinesBetween the March 12th Google algorithm update and the de-indexing bug causing some pages to fall out of the SERP, there’s been a lot of shakeup in the SEO world recently. Google fixed the de-indexing bug, but many sites are still seeing widespread effects since of algorithm update. Once again, it seems that the YMYL sites (Your Money Your Life) have experienced the biggest fluctuation, whether positive or negative.

What’s Missing From Your Website

Developing Strategic Pages For Your Users

Your website needs to do so much more today than ever.  Not only does it need to be authoritative and get high Google listings and traffic, but it needs to help move prospective clients through the decision-making process.  

And considering prospects will visit multiple websites before picking up the phone and calling, you need to incorporate pages and resources in your website that separate you from the competition.

By investing time to strategize new page that are missing from your website (or upgrading existing key pages), you can:

Why Should I Blog? The Benefits of Adding New Content to Your Website

content strategy for your practice

Almost every business seems to have a blog on its website. But why is that? It seems unlikely that it’s just because someone on staff likes to write. There is, of course, a marketing strategy behind blogging for a business. So how exactly can writing blog content help your practice?

Many of my legal and medical clients who come to Page 1 for marketing help have a blog but they have stopped publishing, post very infrequently, or don’t have a blog at all. It is hard to dedicate time and resources into something if you don’t fully understand its real purpose and benefit. We show clients how this is a missed opportunity to improve their online exposure, get more visitors, and grow their business.

Start Building Your 2019 Content Marketing Strategy TODAY!

You have a website to promote your practice and the services you offer. It has pages about you and your practice areas, and it has blog posts. Other than thinking “Ugh, I have to write ANOTHER blog post?,” how much do you really think about the content on your site? The website for your practice lives and dies by the content on it. If you haven’t heard the term “Content is King,” you haven’t been paying attention!

Planning your content calendar for the coming year will take your practice marketing to the next level, give you an edge over your competition and take the stress out of coming up with content ideas throughout the year.

Why Your Plastic Surgery Website Content Doesn’t Get Leads

For plastic surgeons, med spas, and other aesthetic practices, appearance is often the foremost consideration when building a website. After all, your practice works in the visual realm, so visuals are important – from before-and-after pictures to banner images to the overall color scheme. However, investing in premier visuals while ignoring the content on your practice area pages is a big mistake.

inject life into your practice - customize your cosmetic marketing campaign todayIf you love the look of your website but feel like something is missing when it comes to content, Page 1 Solutions can help.

Develop Content That Boosts User Engagement and SEO [5 Tips]


Bill Fukui shares insights on engaging content and SEO for plastic surgeons attorneys dentists

Successful content marketing is a positive feedback loop. Great content is engaging and searchable, resulting in more traffic from search engines. More traffic from search engines results in more data you can use to construct additional content, which creates ongoing opportunities for user engagement.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook PR Opportunities in Your Marketing Strategy

Every attorney, doctor, and dentist wants to be known, respected, and sought after by clients and patients. Most understand how important digital marketing has become to get their message to the right people, stand out among the competition, and win new business. When consulting with my clients, I talk at length about online reputation. It’s important to consider how they are presented or represented on their website, directories, review sites, and social media. First impressions can make or break you.

It’s interesting to me that, as new forms of online marketing and advertising have been embraced, public relations seems to be often overlooked. Is this channel now viewed as "old school," or is it that it’s seen as only something necessary for big corporations and celebrities?

What Are You Looking At? Why Blog Images Matter

What Are You Looking At? Why Blog Images Matter

The Internet offers infinite information at our fingertips. And this information is best translated, or at least preferred, in a visual format or with visual resources. Photos, graphics, and video grab our attention, stimulate our imagination, and can help us process new ideas quicker. And those are two of the main reasons we love being online – to learn something new and to be entertained.

How to Get Blog Ideas – and Keep Getting Them

It’s no secret that blogging on a regular basis is an excellent way to give your practice credibility in your industry. Regular blogging is also an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

For many attorneys, doctors and dentists, the thought of trying to come up with topics on an onging basis can seem overwhelming. The key is to focus on who you are, what you and your practice are all about, and the types of clients you are striving to attract.

Topics that can provide users insight into your practice include, but are definitely not limited to:


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