SEO for Law Firms - Legal Website Design for Personal Injury Lawyers

SEO and Website Design for Attorneys and Lawyers

As a lawyer, why do you do SEO?  

What is your goal with your personal injury law firm's legal website design?

At Page 1, we help you answer that question.  Our goal for each and every one of our law firm SEO clients is to generate more leads, more clients, more cases and more revenue for your law firm.

We do SEO for law firms.  We design and market websites for personal injury attorneys like you.  We do PPC.  We write effective content that converts more visitors into leads.  We offer online chat.  We help you engage your community with social media.  But we do it all with a singular goal in mind:  To improve your law firm's ROI.

SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms

When personal injury victims and family members research the Internet to find a credible, local lawyer to represent their case, we make sure your law firm's SEO strategy helps them reach your website first. Our comprehensive strategy includes:

Attorney SEO: Get your law firm's website on the first page of the search engine results – guaranteed.

Legal website design for personal injury lawyers: High-impact, information-rich, yet sales-driven law firm websites are strategically built for search engine performance. Our award winning legal website designs for personal injury lawyers include online chat, high conversion calls to action, engaging graphics, custom video and more.

For personal injury lawyers, we provide cutting-edge SEO and legal website designs generating quality leads and cases.

James R. Omer, Sr.
James R. Omer & Associates

At one point, you will recall that my website was getting absolutely no inquiries from prospective clients. After Page 1 Solutions began working its magic with our website traffic, I am pleased to inform you that we are now getting an average of two (2) case inquiries per day on our website. That equals to about forty (40) per month which we feel is a terrific turnaround in a short period. I just wanted to share this good news with you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with Page 1 Solutions in solving our traffic problems on our website.

- James R. Omer, Sr.
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We Understand SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers

We offer insight and develop strategies effectively attracting personal injury, medical malpractice and product liability claimants on the Internet. We do not simply rely on you telling us what to do.

Our law firm SEO and legal website design teams have effectively marketed personal injury lawyers and their law firms for years. We offer the latest SEO strategies to promote your law firm on the web and get local consumers to contact you. We are entirely focused on generating more leads, more cases, and more revenue for your law firm.

If you need more than a cookie-cutter solution to marketing your practice and a partner bringing effective SEO results to the table, contact us for details or to request a free online consultation.

To learn more about how we help personal injury lawyers get the right SEO results and to increase their leads through effective legal website designs, please see our important checklist comparing us to our competitors.