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National Cerebral Palsy Resource Network Website Goes Live

Kenneth Stern, founder of the Stern Law Group, has dedicated his career not only to pursuing compensation on behalf of the families of children who have suffered birth injury but also providing victims and their loved ones free access to comprehensive information about cerebral palsy and other injuries. The new website for TheCPLawyer® contains an extensive array of custom content that can be accessed easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Users can peruse topics through intuitive menus or navigate directly to pages discussing the Stern Law Group’s experience, client services, approach to birth injury litigation, and more by clicking on eye-catching call-to-action elements.

How Much Does A Custom Video Cost For A Plastic Surgeon's Website?

When you're considering video for your website, take these things into mind.  How many videos you need to produce and what website pages you need video content for?  How many locations? Number of subjects in the videos?  Will you need special animation, graphics, music, calls-to-action?  Creating a budget for post-production costs & follow-up marketing for those videos.

Watch this video to learn more about creating a video campaign to help grow your practice:

Whether you are considering custom plastic surgery videos for the first time, or you want to make improvements on your current video production process, contact us today for more information! 

Stop Losing Customers To Your Competitors: Don’t just focus on your website and SEO

The disparity between practices that get a high volume of business and ROI through the Intenet and those that don’t is getting wider by the day.  What are they doing, and what strategies can you implement that will make a positive impact on your leads and new client volume?

Of course the first thing most practices do is to focus exclusively on your website and SEO.  And although these elements may be at the core of any successful online marketing effort, it should not be an all-consuming focus of your online marketing.

New Facebook Lead Capture Ads


Facebook Lead Generation Ads | By Andrew Wasyluk


Back in June of 2015, Facebook announced that they were testing a new type of ad called "Lead Ads." This ad format allowed mobile users to send their contact information to a business with two simple clicks. As of yesterday, October 9, 2015, these ads were rolled out to the general public.  Now businesses and advertisers alike have an additional cost-effective way to generate leads and collect information in real time directly through the Facebook platform.

South Carolina Plastic Surgery Practice Opens Door to Beautiful New Website

Dr. Ted R. Vaughn's plastic surgery office in Greenwood, South Carolina, is committed to a simple but all-important philosophy: “Treat your patients like family.” This mantra is represented visually in multiple aspects of the Piedmont Plastic Surgery website, which recently completed a facelift of its own. The soothing blue tones that define the design of the new-look website create a calm atmosphere that draws users in and makes them feel comfortable. A combination of high-quality images and custom text and video content guides users toward opportunities to learn about the procedures performed by Dr. Vaughn, as well as before-and-after galleries featuring examples of real patients who were satisfied with the treatment they received.

How To Determine If I Need A New Attorney Website Design?

With how frequently online marketing and technology changes, if your site is more than three years old, you very likely need to consider a new website design. 

If you are a personal injury lawyer and you have questions about website marketing or design, contact us today! 

Click here to learn more about Legal Website Design

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Columbus Personal Injury Attorney Launches Redesigned Legal Practice Website

The website for Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A., has always been devoted to informing plaintiffs of their rights in personal injury and business dispute claims. With a new look and a mobile format, the website takes the informative quality of the firm's content and makes it easily accessible to users on smartphone, tablet, and desktop alike. Users can click on multiple points of interest depending on their needs, delving into case types like car and truck accidents through the rotating banner images or reading about plaintiffs' rights in the Client Instructions section. An interactive map of the state of Ohio makes it possible for users to learn about the firm's key victories in the state, as well as the 5 Reasons to choose Robert W. Kerpsack Co., L.P.A. Mr. Kerpsack himself discusses what sets the firm apart in a video embedded on multiple pages of the site.

Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Launches New Responsive Website

The website for the Law Offices of Mark L. Karno & Associates uses responsive programming to maintain a consistent user experience across any device, enabling visitors on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices to access the website without losing functionality. The website uses features such as a rotating banner and call to action elements to highlight key features of what clients can expect from the firm, including personal attention from an attorney, a contingency fee arrangement, examples of cases accepted and verdicts and settlements earned, and more.

Why Facebook Ads Need To Be Part Of Your Internet Marketing

Many practices decided years ago not to advertise on Facebook because they assumed:

1) social media is not a trackable, lead-generating marketing investment and

2) we only focus on “organic” exposure because paid advertising is not effective or cost-efficient.


Today, I want to change how you think about paid Facebook advertising and why it should be considered in your marketing mix.

First, let me share some key statistics.

Moz Releases 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors

SEO Industry Leader recently released their 2015 Local Search Rank Factors. At Page 1, we are constantly monitoring ranking factors in order to stay on top of the latest changes and ensure that best practices are being implemented for our clients. The Local Ranking Factors are particularly important for showing up in certain geographic locations and local map listings. Here I’ll discuss the top 3 factors from Moz’s report.

On-Page Signals

The different factors are broken out into levels of importance and given a percentage based on how much impact they have and what portion of the algorithm they make up. The largest percentage, and therefore most impactful ranking factor continues to be On-Page Signals, which accounts for 20.3% of the puzzle. On-Page Signals include: