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How Facebook Ads Can Help You Attract New Clients

How Facebook Ads Can Help You Attract New Clients

Paid advertising is an essential part of any business strategy. It can attract new clients, spread brand awareness and increase revenue. Lawyers, like other small businesses, have been known to spend a great deal of money on "mass advertising" like bus signs, radio spots, yellow pages and newspapers. This is a great way to spread awareness of the business but next to impossible to calculate the ROI, or return on investment, from their advertising efforts. Enter Facebook advertising.

A few stats about Facebook to give some context on why it's so important:

Cecil the Lion Case Study: Looking Back at What We Learned

Some of you may already know that Page 1 Solutions became the target of an online outcry last month when users on social media made a mistaken connection between our agency and Dr. Walter Palmer, the embattled Minnesota dentist who admitted to killing Cecil the lion during a Zimbabwe hunting trip. However, rather than discussing the details of the crisis once again, we would like to focus on the positive effects this situation had on our company.

Many brands would struggle to survive an association with a controversy like the one attending Cecil’s death, but we believe our team has emerged stronger for the experience. We have created a case study analyzing the situation and our response:

How to Boost Your Odds of Ranking in the New Google 3-Pack

On August 6th, Google released their biggest local SEO update since their first local algorithm, called “Pigeon”, a year ago.  This update affected the look and appearance of the “local pack” in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).  While it is too early to say if the change is more positive than negative for most businesses, it is important to know how the change may affect what you see in the search results.

What Changed After the Local Pack Update

Before the update, our team would see a lot of inconsistencies in local pack results.  We might see a 7-pack result, or 5, or 3, or sometimes even 0.  With the latest update, we are seeing a uniform 3 listings in the local pack section of the SERPs.  Example below, the red box shows the new layout of the local 3-pack.

Google SERP Sample

Join the Page 1 Solutions Twitter Chat!

We will soon be hosting our monthly #page1mktchat! Whether you are a dentist, lawyer, ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon looking to enhance the success of your practice, or an online marketing enthusiast, you won't want to miss this! In each chat, we will collaboratively discuss a specific new topic related to online marketing. Over time, we will cover social media, SEO, content & video marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, and beyond. We'd love for you to join us on Monday, October 19th for our first edition of #page1mktchat!

What is a Twitter Chat?

Bella the Bernese takes on #DoggyFriday

Today was a great day for me! Instead of whimpering in my kennel while my mom goes to some mystical place, I got to come along for the adventure! I hopped in the car and we were on our way! As soon as I entered the building, my nose hit the floor so I could scope out the perimeter for my mom. This place was so exciting, I learned so many new things and was spoiled with endless belly rubs.

Dr. 5-Star or: How You'll Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Reviews

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Whether you run a legal or medical practice, you want prospective customers to see your business as exceptional. This depends to a large extent on the service you provide and the staff you hire, but perception is also important. In today's world of Web connectivity, nothing governs perception of a business more than online reviews.

Many small business owners are fearful of reviews, and it's not difficult to see why. The content of online reviews is impossible to control, users can avoid accountability by posting anonymously, third-party websites often aren't responsive to business owners trying to take down false or libelous reviews, and bad reviews erode your credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Or do they?

LinkedIn eBook Series Part 3: 6 Steps To Mastering LinkedIn Ads

With so many social media platforms to choose from, and new ones popping up what seems like weekly, there is a lot of competition for where to spend your advertising budget. While most marketers wouldn't consider LinkedIn for ads, it is actually one of the best social platforms to improve brand awareness and drive new traffic to your site. LinkedIn ads can help you build lasting professional relationships while driving leads to your website. Since the targeting options are considerably different from other social ads platforms, you can reach a niche audience that is more likely to relate to your brand message.

In our latest eBook, the Social Media team at Page 1 Solutions tackles the process of creating, editing and publishing LinkedIn ads that will help your business start building relationships with your audience and converting them to paying customers.

Increase Your Leads with Inbound Marketing

If you’ve been following our inbound marketing blog series, you’ve already learned about what inbound marketing is, and how it can benefit your practice. In this post, we’ll discuss exactly how inbound marketing works to increase your leads. According to Hubspot, 93% of companies that use inbound marketing strategies increase their lead generation. Lastly, we will explore why inbound creates better leads for your practice.

Does Google Favor Plastic Surgeon Websites In Organic Listings That Do PPC Too?

Watch this video to learn more about organic listings for your plastic surgery website: 

Google states it clearly, they maintain a strict separation between organic search and paid advertising. So by using PPC, you will not improve your organic results. But, indirectly you are increasing your overall exposure on the first page listings by employing both methods. If you are a plastic surgeon and have other questions about PPC or web marketing in general, contact our sales consultants today


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