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Why Should I Hire Someone To Write My Attorney Website Content

"Why should I hire someone to write my attorney website content?"

This is a question we get frequently from attorneys who feel compelled to write their own website content.  However, the need to develop a more effective website continues to grow, particularly for attorneys who are in a highly competitive market and space, and a large part of that is the content.

This video highlights three key issues with attorneys writing their own content; even those lawyers that are prolific and good writers.  Writing for the Web is unique and there are elements that contribute to high performing legal website content, particularly with changes in search engine's ability to interpret content and how users engage with it.

3 Foundational Tips for Email Marketing

The experienced team at Page 1 Solutions can help you target specific audiences for more effective email marketing. Email has been around a long time, and people across the country continue to use it for communication. But like Twitter and Facebook, the ways people use email and inboxes themselves are evolving. Stay on top of the way email marketing is changing with these 3 tips:

Email Marketing Tips - Page 1 Solutions1. Adapt to the evolution of inboxes.

Your emails should be:

Breast Surgery After Cancer: An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Hartog

Congratulations to our Orlando plastic surgeon client, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog.  As part of breast cancer awareness month (October), he was recently interviewed on Tom Joyner’s Morning Show, Get Well Wednesday about an alternative to traditional breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

Orlando plastic surgeon - Jeffrey Hartog, MD

“It is basically a liposuction procedure,” say Dr. Hartog.  “It is nearly a scarless procedure.  You don’t have to have the big scars that are common with some of the more aggressive reconstructive procedures.  And it’s totally natural.”

How Often Should I Get a New Website?

For dentists, surgeons and attorneys, no single tool spurs leads and promotes brand awareness like your practice's website. But professionals should know that their work online isn't over after an initial website is designed and launched.

Your site may look and read great, but unless the technology, content and design remain fresh, it will develop fewer leads over time.

First and foremost, a great Search Engine Optimization strategy should include consistently updated content that's relevant, interesting and topical for your audience, i.e. current clients and patient prospects. Magnify the impact of updated content by making it visually appealing and appropriate for your local market.

Using Statistics to Evaluate Website Performance

As a practice with a website, you want to know how your website is performing and how well it is working for you. But what kind of information do you use to evaluate your website's performance? To start, here are some of the most effective forms of analysis:

Analytics:  Website analytics include things such as how much time someone spends on a website, how many pages your visitors go to, and how many visits your high priority pages receive. For example, over the last 30 days one of our attorney clients enjoyed:

  • An average user session time of 2 minutes 21 seconds.
  • An average of 2.35 pages viewed per user session.
  • A total of 48,362 pages viewed (repeated views of a specific page are counted).

Google Analytics is an immensely useful tool for evaluating the analytics related to your website:

Southcentre Dental Clinic in Calgary Launches New Responsive Website

Welcome to the Calgary, Alberta dental practice where you will come and leave with a smile on your face!

There are no reason to be anxious about dental care, as Dr. Cload and his dental team will do everything to make your visit as comfortable as possible. The redesigned responsive dentistry website by our Junior Web Designer Liz has a soothing and calming effect to make patients feel comfortable from their first web visit to the dentistry chair.

Our Patients Smile with Us

At Southcentre Dental Clinic they believe laughter truly is the best medicine. This is what some of their patients have to say:

Thornbury Law Launches Redesigned Website

We are very proud to present the redesigned responsive website of Tennessee injury lawyer Herbert Thornbury, designed by our very own Jr. Web Designer Liz.

About Thornbury Law

At Thornbury Law, they believe that you deserve the very best legal representation available, and they will provide you with the experienced, aggressive representation you need to get the compensation you need.

Cases We Represent

Herbert Thornbury, is a well-respected member of the legal community. He will represent you in cases such as: