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Responsive, redesigned dentistry website for Dr. Singer at DC Smiles

Dr. Singers website got a redesign for better functionality for its users. It is now responsive. View the cosmetic dentistry website on your mobile, tablet or computer to see the difference. 

Still don't know what Responsive web design is?
Wikipipedia defines Responsive web design (RWD) as a "web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors)".

The cosmetic surgeon, the musician and the surgeons surgeon

Dr. Kahn offers both surgical and nonsurgical options for his patients from his San Francisco-based practice. He is an accomplished surgeon with over 30 years of cosmetic surgery experience and over 7,000 cosmetic surgeries under his belt. He is a surgeon's surgeon with an impeccable safety record and results that speak for themselves.

The care Dr. Kahn and his staff show for their patients is wonderful. He wants them to have a great experience, an experience so great that they will tell their friends. Visit the website for patient reviews. This is what Dr. Kahn has to say:

Should I Worry About Other Search Engines or Just Focus on Google?

This is a question I get a lot, and I feel its best answered with numbers –

As you can see, Google obviously dominates; however, between Bing and Yahoo, nearly 30% of the rest of the traffic lands here.

Bing continues to grow and there is no sign of slowing. They are very aggressive with marketing. We have all seen the “Bing it on” commercials, and it’s clear they intend to grow their share of the market.

Focusing on Bing and Yahoo exposes you to nearly a 1/3 of the search traffic you would have otherwise missed. The gap between Bing and Yahoo will continue to remain wide, but it will narrow.

Keep in mind the competition for top keyword placement on Bing and Yahoo isn’t as fierce and offers you a prime opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Client of the Month - Karl Truman Law Office

Every month Page 1 Solutions highlights a client that has been highly proactive in improving their internet marketing. This month's winner is the Karl Truman Law Office, a personal injury lawyer assisting victims in the Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana areas. Their Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC), Kim Croy, spoke warmly of her client.

"I'm so excited to announce that the Karl Truman Law Office is this month's winner of the Client of the Month.

Welcome to the responsive website of attorney Howard Silver

Attorney Howard Silver has been protecting consumer rights throughout California for over 25 years. During this time, he has developed a high success rate earning lucrative compensation for his clients. He will do what he can to resolve your crisis as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mr. Silver is the attorney you want on your side if you have been affected by:

You smile, I smile...

...might be the lyrics to Bieber song, but in this case I smile when our dentistry clients are happy, especially Dr. Huefner whom I have had the pleasure to work with for a couple of years now.

The redesigned website for Dr. Huefner is now live. Visit to take a look at this responsive website on your mobile, tablet or computer.

The new general/cosmetic dentistry website design feels fresher and lighter, but still pays homage to the previous look when it comes to some of the purple and warm brown colors.

This is what Dr. Huefner had to say:
"It's so clean and so much better. It is better than I would have imagined. I like it very much."

Responsive Websites: Why You Need One

Worldwide, there are 6.8 billion cell phone subscribers in a world of 7.1 billion people*  We all know that in the near future, the majority of visitors to your dental website will be viewing it through a mobile device.

Today, it’s not enough to just be able to access your site through a mobile device.  It needs to be optimized and “responsive” to smartphone and tablet users.

What is a Responsive Website, and Why is it Important?

A responsive website is programmed and designed to modify the layout of the design to accommodate mobile visitors. Rather than just shrink the website, responsive designs dynamically change the layout to maximize mobile user experience.

This is important for two reasons:

Is Direct Mail Dead?

When email emerged as the “go to” direct communication median, it was a game changer. Now, however, things are a little different. We have become accustomed to constant bombardment of email solicitations, most of which go unopened.

Now don’t get me wrong, emails are a great to generate business and keep in touch with your clients, but the saturation and move away from direct mail provides a compelling opportunity.

Direct mail allows you to stand out from the crowd. Seriously, no one is mailing their prospects or clients anything, anymore. So much so in fact, the United States Postal Service is having to shut down post offices across the country.

Getting the most of direct mail is simple:

Increase Your Marketing Confidence - Take Action

The biggest drivers for most anxiety are 1) fear of the unknown and 2) perceived helplessness to do anything about it.

 In the previous videos, we addressed dealing with “Marketing Cyberchondria” by focusing on key data in Google Analytics and lead generation.  Today, we want to take that new knowledge and discuss how to turn it into action.

What happens in most cases, you may accumulate information, stumble upon it, or have some outside sales rep feed it to you.

How to Get More Positive Online Reviews

Nowadays, consumers rely more and more on online reviews when it comes to upcoming purchasing decisions.  Recent studies have shown that 90% of people claim that reading a positive review online influenced their buying decision, and 85% of people read online reviews for local businesses.  As you can see, online reviews are a major influencer and have the ability to really grow your business.