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Virginia Attorneys Launch New Responsive Website

The Hoover Penrod legal website was redesigned to be responsive, and to support viewing on multiple devices. The new design is not only professional, but also very personable, where the work of the skilled and experienced attorneys of this firm speaks for itself.

For more information on Legal Website Design or to get a Legal webmarketing evaluation fill out the form to the right.

~ Maarit Kaaihue, Creative Director


Welcome to the responsive website of Brighter Smile Family Dentistry Orthodontics

The Brigter Smile practice has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. When you visit the dental office, you will be treated like a member of their family, so make yourself at home.

Take a stroll through the pages of the newly designed responsive website and feel embraced by the warmth of Dr. Kavianpour and her staff. Meet some of her patients in the animated banner and see some of her marvelous work showcased in the smile gallery.

Welcome a Brighter Smile!

~ Maarit Kaaihue, Creative Director

What is Quality Content and How To Develop It

We have started to hear over and over again that search engine optimization and all types of online marketing all boil down to  “Quality” content.

But for most practices, what does quality content mean.  It is such a subjective concept and most practices feel there is simply no way to really qualify what makes content high quality.  The other issue is even if your office determines what it feels is high quality content, how do you consistently develop it?

Here are some fundamental considerations for high quality content.

Quality content implies a higher level of trust and credibility that just run of the mill content.  It is also highly customer-centric.  It needs to appeal to their core needs, interests, entertainment, and goals.  It's about them, not you or your practice.

Dental All-Star Bill Fukui Discusses SEO Insights Tips for 2014

Earlier this week, Page 1 Solutions's Director of Business Development & Marketing, Bill Fukui, was featured as a Dental All-Star on All-Star Dental Academy. Interviewed by the website's CEO and Founder Alex Nottingham, Bill discussed some valuable insights and tips related to SEO and internet marketing

Here the key points of wisdom that Bill shared during this dynamic podcast:

Two Updates From Google: Change in Authorship and Local listings

Google Update on Authority and Google Local Listings

Here are a couple of updates from Google that you should be know about.

1. Google Authorship Changes

Yesterday, Google’s John Mueller posted that Google has been doing some research and clean up of the visual design for search results that may affect the way your law firm’s listings look.

As a result of experiments Google has conducted, they will be simplifying the way authorship is show in both mobile and desktop results.  The most notable change is the removal of the profile photo and Circle counts.  Apparently, their studies showed that the click through rates on this less cluttered version was similar to the previous design.

Google Shares Tips For Mobile Marketing

Earlier this month, one of our SEO specialists attended the Search Marketing Expo (SMX)  and shared much of what was discussed in several of the courses.

One thing that was shared at this year’s meeting, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, addressed the importance of optimizing your website for mobile user experience.  Of course, we consistently shared the importance of converting your website into a mobile-responsive platform that dynamically modifies the layout to adjust to different devices (laptop, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

So what does “optimizing for a mobile user experience” really mean? 

An Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Whether you just setup your Facebook page and are looking for an initial boost or you’ve been a Facebook user for years and are looking to do more—it’s time for your business to try Facebook advertising. Since 2004, when Facebook was created, the company has grown to be the market leader it is today. Facebook is the dominant player in social media with over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and 67% of the US population on the social network. If your business is not tapping into the activity on Facebook, it’s missing out on a huge opportunity. Start with setting up a business page on Facebook, and be sure to complete your profile information. Get a few posts and pictures on the page and you’re ready to get started with Facebook advertising.

Website Redesign Tips - Protect Your Results

Today, you need to constantly evaluate your website’s performance, and redesigning your website happens more frequent than it did years ago.  Constant changes in your competition, your target audience and search engines demand it.   

However, it is not uncommon for a website to dramatically lose results and traffic after it is redesigned.  The key is to know how to maintain your website’s equity during the redesign process.

If you are in the midst of redesigning your website, or considering it, here are some quick tips to avoid making some big mistakes: