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Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown Texas Reveals Practice’s New Responsive Website

The mission and purpose of the doctors at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown is to develop lifelong relationships with their patients. All this while providing them with excellent cosmetic and family dentistry in a comfortable setting. Please take the office tour to experience it for yourself. The office is gorgeous!

How Much Does It Cost to Write Copy for An Ophthalmology Website?

"Exactly how much does it cost to have copy written for an ophthalmology website?".  This is a question that we get quite frequently from ophthalmology practices that are seeking to update their website with new content. 

As far as cost is concerned, there are a few different things that factor into the cost of website copy:

1. Length & Type of Copy: The longer and more substantive the content, the more that it will cost. Let's take blogs versus web pages for example. Pages are often longer than blogs, and as such will cost more to have copy developed. 

Why Edit, Rewrite, and Optimize Old Blog Posts (including “How-To” Tips)

We all understand the value of adding great content to our website, including blogging regularly.  By giving visitors and search engines timely, higher quality, and more engaging content, your website grows in authority, as well as size.

However, the key is to not get overly fixated on the size of your website.  Today, content is more about quality.  One area you should look at upgrading is the quality of your existing blog content. 


Why Should I Edit and Optimize Old Blog Posts?

Sure, we recognize the value of adding more quality content through blogging, but when should a practice start investing time and resources into updating old blog content?  The answer is simple – when the relevancy and accuracy of your old content is no longer in tune with today’s marketplace.

Page 1 Solutions takes Silver with Jonathan W. Gathings Associates

We are proud to announce that Page 1 Solutions has won an award for the Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates website. Our work has been selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts to receive a 2014 Davey Silver Award, in the Law and Legal Services category. There were nearly 4,000 entries from around the world submitted to receive the coveted Davey Awards this year, and only the finest and most creative works were selected.  This is a treasured win for our collaborative design and development team, and we are proud that the work on our client's website could result in such success.

How Long Should a Post Be On An Attorneys Facebook Page?

Facebook continues to be a valuable social media platform for attorneys to leverage, providing opportunities for communication and engagement with target audiences. While using this platform is still a fairly new experience for many legal professionals, getting used to Facebook is a bit easier than many would expect. It is just a matter of understanding the basics. 

Core knowledge that is good to have when taking advantage of the Facebook platform is the best way to post on your profile. Here are some simple tips for attorneys to be aware of when making their posts:

Rebuilding an Attorney Website vs updating an existing one

Attorney Website RedesignToday, it's not enough for your law firm to simply have an attorney website. Your website must have modern functionality, design, SEO and interactivity to make it competitive and worth your marketing investment. So, you already have a website but aren't getting the results you want – should you make some tweaks to your current website or build a new one?

At Page 1 Solutions, our experienced team can help you weigh the merits of each option. As you consider your options, you should ask yourself the following questions: