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Responsive Websites: Why You Need One

Worldwide, there are 6.8 billion cell phone subscribers in a world of 7.1 billion people*  We all know that in the near future, the majority of visitors to your dental website will be viewing it through a mobile device.

Today, it’s not enough to just be able to access your site through a mobile device.  It needs to be optimized and “responsive” to smartphone and tablet users.

What is a Responsive Website, and Why is it Important?

A responsive website is programmed and designed to modify the layout of the design to accommodate mobile visitors. Rather than just shrink the website, responsive designs dynamically change the layout to maximize mobile user experience.

This is important for two reasons:

Is Direct Mail Dead?

When email emerged as the “go to” direct communication median, it was a game changer. Now, however, things are a little different. We have become accustomed to constant bombardment of email solicitations, most of which go unopened.

Now don’t get me wrong, emails are a great to generate business and keep in touch with your clients, but the saturation and move away from direct mail provides a compelling opportunity.

Direct mail allows you to stand out from the crowd. Seriously, no one is mailing their prospects or clients anything, anymore. So much so in fact, the United States Postal Service is having to shut down post offices across the country.

Getting the most of direct mail is simple:

Increase Your Marketing Confidence - Take Action

The biggest drivers for most anxiety are 1) fear of the unknown and 2) perceived helplessness to do anything about it.

 In the previous videos, we addressed dealing with “Marketing Cyberchondria” by focusing on key data in Google Analytics and lead generation.  Today, we want to take that new knowledge and discuss how to turn it into action.

What happens in most cases, you may accumulate information, stumble upon it, or have some outside sales rep feed it to you.

How to Get More Positive Online Reviews

Nowadays, consumers rely more and more on online reviews when it comes to upcoming purchasing decisions.  Recent studies have shown that 90% of people claim that reading a positive review online influenced their buying decision, and 85% of people read online reviews for local businesses.  As you can see, online reviews are a major influencer and have the ability to really grow your business.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between a Facebook Business Page vs. Personal Page?

Social media has been getting a lot of hype over the past several months, so as to be expected, there have been many questions raised.  A simple question I get frequently from practices across the country is, “How do I know if I set up a Facebook Business Page or if I set up a Personal Profile?”

First, you need to have a Facebook Personal Profile before you can set up a Business Page.  There is a quick method for telling the difference, check to see if you can “Like” the Profile.  If you can “Like” the profile then you have succeeded, because only Business Pages can receive a “Like.” Conversely, Personal Profiles allow you to “add friend” only. 

If you have found that you weren’t successful in setting up a Facebook Business Page, go to another Business Page and click on the “Create Page” button located at the top right corner.

Mesothelioma website in Maryland is now redesigned and responsive

The law office of Matthew E. Kiely, LLC in Baltimore, Maryland represents individuals who have contracted mesothelioma or been exposed to asbestos. His redesigned, responsive legal sites covers areas such as:

Mesothelioma Affects the Whole Family
The Mesothelioma blog on the website brings updated information regarding asbestos and mesothelioma to those affected. The website was designed to bebright and cheery and is intended to bring hope in hard situation, as well as bringing personal attention to each mesothelioma and asbestos client.

Reduce Your Marketing Anxiety: Track Lead Generation

In our last blog, we shared how dentists, surgeons and attorneys can deal with the overwhelming amount of information available through Google Analytics, so you can transfer energy from anxiety and confusion to understanding and action.

Of course website traffic, usability, time onsite, pages/visitor, as well as other site analytic data, are all essential to get a clear picture.  But aren’t leads and sales opportunities the most important goal of your website marketing efforts and investments?

So today, I would like to address the most important type of data to help you stay focused, and that’s lead tracking and conversion.

Marketing Cyberchondria - Step 1: Discover The Problem

People that go online and try to self-diagnose symptoms develop health anxiety or "Cyberchondria."  With so many emerging internet marketing issues to consider, many attorneys, dentists and plastic surgeons develop their own version of "Marketing Cyberchondria." 

Whether it's pandas, penguins, Yelp, social media, SEO, email marketing, videos, etc. the web can provide so much information that you, or your practice, may feel overwhelmed and anxious about what you are, or are not doing.

Therefore, this is the first in a series of updates to help you identify core items and filter through all the information.