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Why Your Law Firm's Internet Marketing is an Investment, Not a Cost

It surprises me just how many attorneys still don't have a website, or even an online marketing strategy for their law firm. In order to keep up with the competitive online sphere, it is absolutely crucial to start developing an online presence for yourself. More and more practices are tapping into the technology around them, and the longer that an attorney waits to get into the game, the greater of a challenge it will be to catch up and surpass the competition.

What's concerning to me is that many attorneys view their internet marketing as a cost, rather than a valuable and necessary investment in their law firm. "It costs too much" or "I don't really need to do that" are just two of the many excuses that we hear when talking to prospects. Viewing your online marketing as a burden is doing your law firm a disservice and will not put your practice in the best standing to succeed.

Consumer Searches For Reviews Flattening?

The growth and importance of review websites and platforms has become obvious to professional service providers looking to grow their online business.  Customer reviews on Yelp, Google+, and other review websites continue to be a critical element to online credibility for your brand and your trustworthiness.
In fact, Google Trends has shown a steady increase in nearly every professional service provider industry from doctors, to dentists, to attorneys since 2004.  For example, in that period of time, Google Trends indicates that the volume of searches for “dentist reviews” has increased by more than 400 percent!

Does Video on a Plastic Surgery Website Improve SEO Results?

The search engines are rewarding plastic surgeons more and more for having engaging elements like video on their websites. But before you go and start adding a bunch of video to your website, be aware that there is a bit more taken into consideration. You need to be strategic in how you're adding the videos and there is a certain way in which they need to be added.

It is important that plastic surgery websites have videos that are of high-quality production. The more crisp and clear a video is, the more likely visitors will stay engaged, ultimately benefiting your website's SEO. You also want to make sure that each video has a clear and concise message, and is relevant to the pages in which they are added to.

How To Build A More Effective Before and After Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words; Patients purchase elective treatments and procedures emotionally and justify it logically.  These are two important concepts that are the foundation to build a more effective gallery and generate more high-quality leads.

The first thing to understand about marketing your before and after gallery is to realize that it is one of your website’s more important “destination” areas.  In fact, your gallery should be one of your most frequently visited page/section of your website.

Therefore, it is essential to develop a website design and layout that drives visitors to it.  Here are some tips: 

Park Plaza Plastic Surgery Launches New Responsive Website

"For over 30 years, Dr. Lefkovits has been helping women and men in New York and around the world transform their appearance and regain their self-confidence. With an aesthetic sense honed by decades of experience, and knowledge of the safest and most effective techniques in plastic surgery, Dr. Lefkovits can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and obtain the best results possible."
- Quote and quick facts from

Woodlands Premier Dentistry Unveils New Responsive Website

Helping turn the smile of your dreams into a reality

The experienced Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young and his dedicated team at Woodlands Premier Dentistry provide you with the finest quality care. They offer the most advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments in a cutting-edge and comfortable environment to help you feel relaxed and confident. See some of the beautiful smiles featured in the smile gallery section of their new responsive website.

Do Niche, Mini Websites Help My SEO?

Plastic surgeons, as well as dentists, attorneys, and opthalmologists, often ask if having multiple mini or niche websites is beneficial to their overall SEO. For many years, having a niche website dedicated to each major cosmetic procedure was a great startegy for plastic surgery online marketing. However, things are changing rapidly in the internet industry, and that strategy no longer holds as much importance. 

Today, the greatest focus should be put on a plastic surgeon's main website. Ensuring that your main website serves as a solid and strong foundation for internet marketing is key to online success: