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Improve SEO Results Through Database Marketing

Today, internet marketing is all about building and nurturing a growing your online “community”.  That includes your SEO results, as well as your social media and internal marketing.  That’s right; Google will reward websites that build an audience.  Here are some quick tips:

1. Grow Your Community – High conversion websites may turn 5 percent of traffic into leads. What happens to the other 95 percent; and who are they?  “Low-commitment” calls-to-action that visitors can easily access can capture a lot more contacts, build your database and grow your online community.

2. Data Collection – Build your list of visitors and prospects through database automation without burdening your intake staff.  Identify more website visitors, download their contact information and identify the information they want.

I built a website and a mobile version about a year ago. Now I hear we need to convert it into a "responsive" website. Do I really need to spend the money to do this?

Responsive sites are becoming increasingly recommended, as Google considers these formats the preferred mobile structure.  This is due to a recognizable convenience factor since it is easier for them to crawl and index content for one URL, versus two, if you have a separate mobile version.  The easier it is for Google to crawl your site, the more likely the SEO rankings for your site will be higher.

The 3 Facebook Algorithm Changes That Marketers Should Know

It has always been in Facebook's best interest to provide the best user experience possible, and with billions of user, this can sometimes be a challenge. To do this, their algorithim is always evolving and chaging based on input from it's users. For marketers, this provides a huge challenge as the way posts are organically displayed in a users Newsfeed has changed once again.

Happy Earth Day from Page 1 Solutions!

  Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day!  Page 1 Solutions and our employees are very passionate about making a difference in our community.  We     have been involved with  the Arbor Day Foundation  for many years.  We plant 10 trees and 1,000 square feet of rain forest for every new client that joins Page 1 Solutions.  As of today, we have planted 3,486 trees and 37,575 sq. footage of rain forest.  


  We strive to be a 'green' company by reducing the amount of paper products used in our office.  We do our best to minimize the amount of paper that is   printed and are adamant about recycling whenever possible. 



Join The Webinar: Improve Your Legal Intake And Get More Cases

Join Bill Fukui as he shares a presentation from Captorra's Chris O'Brien and Denny Newberry about legal intake strategies.  The course, Improve Your Legal Intake And Get More Cases is scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2015 (1:00pm eastern /  10:00am pacific)  REGISTER NOW!

The online course includes:

- Strategies on managing incoming leads over the phone and through email

- Statistics on intake strategies and results

- "How-To" tips and techniques that can significantly improve your lead conversions into cases

Don't miss this great opportunity to make the most immediate impact on your new cases with the leads you are already getting, and avoid wasting expensive leads.  

See you at the webinar!


What Should A Personal Injury Attorney Budget For Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Here are some suggestions on how to budget for a personal injury attorney's campaign when it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing. Variables are based on the competitive level of the Marketplace, the Geographic Size of the market area, the Search Volume for the priority keyword phrases and the Seasonality of the campaign.

Please contact us if you are interested learning more about Pay-Per-Click Marketing for your practice.  1-800-368-9910

5 Tips on How to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel

With video becoming one of the top consumed media types on mobile devices, many businesses are realizing they need to create a video marketing strategy to enhance their overall online presence. Popular video content can range from professional to user-generated. One professional type of video campaign that we provide at Page 1 Solutions is video blogging. For user-generated video content, many clients are using their smart phones to shoot informal patient and client video testimonials in their office.

5 Tips To Generate and Convert More Website Leads and Referrals

Add Database Inbound Marketing To Your Website And Marketing Campaign

Marketing online is much more than just having a website and optimizing it for the search engines.  Effective internet marketing has become a more ‘holistic’ endeavor. 

It is increasingly obvious that most practices miss out on their greatest online marketing opportunity:  Converting more of the website traffic they attract and consistently engaging their online community.


     1.  Generate More Leads and Contacts: Low-Commitment Calls-To-Action

What Should A Plastic Surgeon Do With Multiple Business Listings For The Same Business Location?

Managing listings is an ongoing part of Search Engine Optimization. These multiples are usually the result of a name, address, phone number inconsistency. When that happens, a new listing can be generated and disseminated to a number of web aggrigators from which Google and other sources create new listing.  A good SEO company is regularly monitoring what listings are out there. Contact us today to learn more about SEO services for your practice!