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Rejuvalife of Beverly Hills Introduces Responsive Website

From the moment users land on this site, the imagery, colors and background provide excellent support for the rejuvenating services of Dr. Berger’s practice. The dark wood top banner exudes an earthy feel combined with the light blue background of the dynamic rotating banner representing an ocean landscape with simple brighter blue accents.


Virginia Dentist’s Website Relaunched With Responsive Capabilities

This site was especially personalized for Dr. Marzban to showcase her actual patients, her experience and her fun team from the moment the site is entered. By including a click through banner at the top of the page with photos of actual patients, we achieve a customized look for this practice. These patient photos then become static as users move throughout site pages.


New Responsive Website Launch From Buffalo, New York Dental Group

Dr. Evola’s new responsive website includes a top rotating banner with encouraging statements directing users to click on the tab that most suits their individual need. Arrows persuade users to click through the banner imagery to find which internal link to click and increased user ease is created by including this banner on all internal pages.      

Personal Injury Firm in Washington State Introduces Responsive Designed Website

This website includes interactive features for users to encourage quick travel to the area of interest to them. The rotating photo banner at the top of the page and the scroll-over image changing CTA’s below it quickly shows users that Buckley & Associates, PS, INC. has the right attorney for any personal injury need. Personalized video content along with static client reviews showcase the firm and its attorneys’ success in the workplace through strong visual content.


Page 1 Solutions Launches Updated Website With Responsive Design

The upgrade of Page 1 Solutions’ site utilizes user friendly website design combined with responsive elements to create an optimized viewing experience. Whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, this site features easy navigation through a fixed sidebar, enhancing the user’s efficiency when moving throughout the website.


3 Reasons "Clean" Converts Better

There is a word in Design Land that I seem to be hearing on a regular basis these days, "clean."  What the heck does "clean" mean?  For some it may be color choice, others, the amount of text they see on a website.  "Clean," to me, means conversion - bottom line.  Having an organized, easy to understand, easy to use, website helps your visitors navigate, engage, and ultimately, connect with you.  Here are the  top 3 reasons why an uncluttered website will help you to convert better:

1)  The Brain is Lazy

Tim Ash of SiteTuners recently spoke at PubCon in Austin and noted that 95% of actions we take are preconscious.  This means we don't want things to be hard - I know, Rocket Science.  But what this really means is that we, as users, want a small number of clear choices.  Keep it clean, keep it simple, and the user's brain will automatically know where to go - we're hard wired that way.