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Google Announcement: Mobile Impact Coming In April

Google announced it will expand its mobile-friendly initiative that will impact your rankings.  How your website is built for mobile visitors (beyond your content and backlinks), will now be a major factor.

On April 21st, Google will incorporate mobile-friendliness as an important ranking signal.  They indicated that the update will be world-wide and have a “significant impact” in its search results.

As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.” – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Earlier, Google also indicated that they prefer mobile-responsive websites, which is different than a separate mobile website (ex. –

New York Ophthalmology Practice Announces Responsive Website Redesign

This newly upgraded responsive website features a number of leading design elements, including a homepage with parallax scrolling and a large rotating banner with compelling images of the doctors with their patients. The site festures the doctors, patient reviews, and their three locations in a creative, clean layout. To showcase that they use the latest cutting-edge technology, we created a custom and interactive feature so the user can explore the key aspects to cataract surgery.

Page 1 Client Grossman Plastic Surgery Garners News Coverage For Impressive Procedure

Grossman Plastic Surgery is a Denver-area plastic surgery practice and one of Page 1 Solution's most valued clients. Run by Dr. John Grossman and Dr. Philippe Capraro, Grossman Plastic Surgery has earned a reputation as one of the finest plastic surgery offices in the country.

Now, the office has won some much-deserved news coverage as a result of an extraordinary procedure Dr. Capraro performed, a procedure which Page 1 publicized with a press release that can be found here.

The procedure is a panniculectomy, which is designed to remove the large, over-hanging, apron-shaped roll of abdominal fat known as a panniculus. Dr. Capraro successfully removed a 50-to-100-pound panniculus from a woman who found herself unable to walk or even bring her feet together.

How is your practice's intake process?

This is something that has become more-and-more of a priority nowadays.  As the Internet and online advertising continue to evolve, so should your business.  At Page 1 Solutions, we are constantly researching, analyzing, testing, etc to stay on top of the latest trends so that we can provide out clients with the best solutions to grow their business.  One thing that I am noticing that has not gotten as much attention as it should have in the past is "how are inquiries being handled?".  Similar to optimization, what worked years ago (even a few months ago) will not necessarily provide you the kind of outcome you might have grown accustomed to.  Times have changed and so has how users act online, which is why first impressions me more now than ever.  People today have the ability to find what they are looking for significantly faster than the past, mainly due to the advancement in devices available to them to search online.  With that being said, your window of opportunity to convert

AAJ Attorney Convention – Get CLE Credits and More

Are you attending the AAJ Winter Convention in Palm Springs, CA (Feb. 20-25) this weekend?

Be sure to stop by Page 1 Solutions (BOOTH #203), and visit Andrew Leschnick and me.  You will get:

  1. An instant website evaluation and SE marketing recommendations (A comprehensive look at your content, links, optimization, mobile compatibility, Google/Bing ranking for your most important phrases, and more!)
  2. Registered for a Galaxy Gear or iPad Mini

In addition to CLE credits, you will get custom insight to beat competitors and get more leads and cases.  Be sure to use your AAJ App and put Page 1 on your schedule.  See you in Palm Springs!



Key Insights from 2015 Google Partners Event

As a Google Partner, Page 1 Solutions has the privilege of participating in the exclusive Partners broadcast that Google holds every year. This presentation provides us with the latest updates in Google products and developments, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging their advanced digital technology.

The 2015 Google Partners Event included presentations from Todd Rowe, Managing Director of Global Channel Sales, and Fred Vallaeys, AdWords Evangelist. Both gentlemen outlined the most focused ways in which partner experts like ourselves can take advantage of Google resources to help practices thrive online. 

The following are the two key takeaways from the event:

A Sales Development Firm Launches New Responsive Site

The modern adaptable layout for the SalesLeadership, Inc. website automatically adjusts to fit the screen dimensions of any mobile-friendly device, including laptops, smart phones, and tablets, as well as traditional desktop computers. To further enhance the user experience, the site’s homepage features popular design elements such as a large banner with videos, great icons to help the user navigate the site, an upcoming events rotator, and a bright, vibrant color scheme to keep the user engaged.

Savannah Dentist Reveals New Responsive Website

Knowing that current and potential patients are searching for dental information while on the go, Dr. Carla Roher launched a responsive website for her practice that is designed to provide exceptional functionality across a variety of devices. In addition to the innovative layout, the new website features distinctive personal touches combined with modern design elements, which are intended to offer a more desirable browsing experience. The banner has images of actual landmarks of Savannah, including the historic fountain in Forsyth Park. We included dynamic, rotating reviews to give individuals a glimpse of what kind of care they can expect from Dr. Roher and her staff.

How To Build a Killer Marketing Strategy for Google+

Networking and staying connected with your audiences is an online practice that continues to bring benefit to professionals and their businesses. A platform that makes this process smooth and effective is Google+. As it grows in importance and significance for both social networking and search enginge rankings, legal and medical practices are gradually leveraging Google+ as part of their online marketing strategy. This platform provdes the opportunity to become a part of thriving online communities, share valuable information and content with others, and establish a solid presence in the online sphere. 

In the eBook How To Build a Killer Marketing Strategy for Google+, you will be introduced to the various tools and features of Google+ and learn how to begin developing a profile and strategy that will help make your practice become a thriving social entity. This comprehensive resource covers the following topics:

Atlanta Personal Injury Firm Launches New Website

Utilizing popular design elements and an adaptable format, this new site offers visitors an easily navigable interface, an aesthetically appealing layout, and innovative design elements including an adaptable format, an attorney slider, and an interactive dynamic practice areas section. These details, in combination with the robust content, help to elevate the site beyond a traditional format and into an enlightening, user-friendly online destination. 

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