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Why Should I Rewrite Content For My Law Firm Website?

Both search engines and consumers are looking for the most relevant and up-to-date content that they can find.  Watch this video to learn more about why you need to rewrite content for your website and other tips to help improve your ranking.

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Should I Post All Of My Plastic Surgery Videos On A Single Page Of My Website?

Video blogging is really a great way to connect with future patients.  Start off with a Welcome Video which will help your patients to receive a friendly introduction to you and your practice.  Additional videos that you post should be more procedure specific.  The goal is to address questions that you are getting on a regular basis.  Post your videos on YouTube, embed them into your blogs and share them on your social media outlets.  This will help increase website visits and generate more leads to your practice. 


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6 Critical Web Elements Not to Overlook During a Redesign

Your site can say a lot about your company.  It's often the first interaction someone has with your brand, so that initial impression is of critical importance. If your site isn't satisfying your highest expectations and you’re thinking about a redesign, here are six points to focus on when structuring your new site:

1) Mobile Friendliness
Reports have shown that around 60% of web traffic is generated by mobile and tablet devices combined, so for usability purposes, your new site should be built-responsive.  Responsive designs are the future in wake of Google’s endorsement as the recommended mobile configuration.  This is primarily due to the fact these sites have one URL, which enhances capability to crawl and index.

Content is King: 8 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential To Good SEO Results

Trying to keep up on "best practices" with regards to search engine optimization can seem like a full-time job. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and policies, which is something that obviously plays a major role in how to approach and manage your presence online. One thing that has remained constant is the importance of content, namely blogging!

Here are 8 reasons why blogging is so beneficial and can help grow your exposure online:

YouTube: How to Master Video Marketing In 10 Easy Steps

With over 2 billion views each day, YouTube has become the second most popular search engine behind Google. Users search for anything from how to fix the leaky faucet in your kitchen to how to set up a killer marketing blog. Not only is YouTube an important part of your marketing mix because of the amount of traffic it generates but also because Google is now placing more klout on video content. With more than 500 million active users, there is no better place to showcase your unique content in 2015 than in a short 2 minute YouTube video.

 If you are new to video marketing and are looking for some help navigating YouTube, this is the eBook for you! We’ll provide you with 10 of the latest tips and tricks on how to marketing you practice using video to help you stay ahead of your competition. Some of the topics covered include:

What Is The Cost For a Mobile-Responsive Dental Website?

What is the cost for a mobile-responsive dental website?  This is an increasingly common question after Google announced that mobile friendliness will be a ranking factor, and that they prefer mobile-responsive websites. 

What is a Mobile-responsive Website?

A mobile-responsive website is developed to automatically change the layout and organization of your website pages when a visitor accesses your website through a tablet or smartphone.  The objective is to make it easier for your patients and prospective patients to navigate, view and use your website, regardless of what type of device they are using, and goes beyond just shrinking your website to “fit” in a smaller screen. 

Follow Me! The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

By now, it is common knowledge that social media plays a large role in reaching your online audience. Although it's an extremely popular social media platform, Twitter can be intimidating for professionals to tackle. Twitter is important for practices looking to expand their social reach. The power of Twitter is growing and as your followers become distributors of your message, their followers will see mentions of your practice as coming from a trusted source.

If you do not have experience with marketing your practice on Twitter and you need some help understanding this unique social platform, then this eBook is for you! In this eBook, you will learn the tips and tricks to setting up and running a successful Twitter business account. Some of the topics covered include:

How To Set Up Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is a great social platform to promote your business products and services.  Having images as part of your marketing strategy is a must-have in today's market.  Getting started is simple!  Start by downloading the app that is compatible with your smartphone.  Register your account and immediately start connecting with contacts within your social network. 

Instagram gives you the option to take photos directly from the app, or you can upload any existing images from your image gallery.  Now the fun begins!  Once you select the image you want to use, Instagram has an array of filters to choose from to create the perfect look for your post.  Once your done editing the image, it's time to share throughout all of your social media accounts with a few simple clicks within Instagram's share function.

Google Announcement: Mobile Impact Coming In April

Google announced it will expand its mobile-friendly initiative that will impact your rankings.  How your website is built for mobile visitors (beyond your content and backlinks), will now be a major factor.

On April 21st, Google will incorporate mobile-friendliness as an important ranking signal.  They indicated that the update will be world-wide and have a “significant impact” in its search results.

As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.” – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Earlier, Google also indicated that they prefer mobile-responsive websites, which is different than a separate mobile website (ex. –

New York Ophthalmology Practice Announces Responsive Website Redesign

This newly upgraded responsive website features a number of leading design elements, including a homepage with parallax scrolling and a large rotating banner with compelling images of the doctors with their patients. The site festures the doctors, patient reviews, and their three locations in a creative, clean layout. To showcase that they use the latest cutting-edge technology, we created a custom and interactive feature so the user can explore the key aspects to cataract surgery.