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The Benefits of Blogging

Thu, 05/09/2013

Search engine optimization nowadays has changed drastically since the Penguin and Panda updates.   It has become more and more important for custom content and natural links to be the norm for your website.   Not everyone can put in the time and effort needed to accomplish this.  So, what are ways you can consistently provide unique content and gain natural links?&nb

YouTube Analytics

Thu, 04/25/2013

YouTube Analytics offers a great supplement to Google Analytics when viewing important information about your website viewers. Since it does not receive the attention that Google Analytics does, many website administrators forget that this powerful tool can give them a better understanding about visitor trends, behaviors, and demographics.

The New Sales Process - is your practice ready?

Mon, 03/18/2013

Forbes recently published an article about The Disappearing Sales Process that is extremely important for dentists, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists.

How-to Remove Suggested Videos from a YouTube video

Tue, 02/26/2013

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I am often asked why Google recommends videos after the video you are viewing.  My answer to this question could only be speculative as no one really knows the reasoning behind Google's decisions, but one good possibility is to keep you watching and keep you on their site to view more advertisements.

How To Get Your Content Shared!

Mon, 01/28/2013

Today I'm taking inspiration from an article on Marketing Land about sharing content - 15 Strategies To Get More Shares for Your Content. What I liked about this article is that it points out that there are a LOT more things you can be doing to promote what gets posted on your website! Just linking to it from Facebook isn't enough!

Top 5 Things Your SEO Campaign Needs in 2013

Wed, 01/23/2013

The days of quantity over quality are over; Google put a serious smack down on SEO strategies such as link farms, content stuffing and keyword stuffing (aren’t you glad you listened to your Page 1 IMC?) Strategies that employ black hat optimization tricks are starting to tank and they will continue to fall in effectiveness. So what SEO strategies can your legal, dental or medical practice do in 2013 to stay competitive?

LASIK – Finally taking the plunge!

Fri, 12/21/2012

I have wanted to be able to see clearly every since I was a little girl.  I wore glasses growing up, but took them off unless I needed to see the chalkboard in school.  Having grown up with terrible nearsightedness and astigmatism, I can still remember walking outside the first day I wore a pair of contact lenses – I had no idea that you could see individual blades of grass!

Being on TV is so much fun!

Fri, 12/07/2012

We’ve had quite a few clients that have been on TV recently. We get excited to hear about our clients in the spot light. Not only is this fun, but also very beneficial. Here is why:

What To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

Tue, 11/27/2012

Choosing a domain name for your dental or medical practice or your law firm is one of the more important decisions you'll make during the website buildout process. Whether it's for your main website or a secondary site, the domain you choose will represent your brand and will influence the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaign. 

Here are a few important things you should consider when purchasing a new domain name:

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