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Dentists - LASIK Surgeons - Plastic Surgeons - Attorneys - Lawyers

Page 1 Solutions has a single purpose:  We exist to get professionals like you (lawyers, dentists, plastic surgeons and LASIK providers) more leads, more cases and more revenue.

We use various website marketing techniques and strategies such as effective website design and SEO for lawyers, dentists and cosmetic surgeons as the primary vehicles to get you more leads, more cases and more revenue.

But we don't stop there.  We use social media for attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists - focused on ROI - to get you the results you want.  We write compelling content that converts a higher percentage of visitors to leads.  We use Pay Per Click (PPC) to increase traffics and conversions.  We use online video to drive traffic and leads.  We use online chat to increase lead conversions.  We use online database marketing to get you more clients and patients.  In short, we do everything digital (from SEO to website development to social media) for a single purpose: to increase your Return on Investment.

We are dedicated to helping you generate more leads, more cases and more revenue and getting you the SEO results you need so your law firm, dental practice, plastic surgery practice or ophthalmology practice can compete and thrive not only in the Internet marketplace but in your local market with your target consumers.

When people want or need your professional services, whether you are a lawyer, a cosmetic dentist, a plastic surgeon or a LASIK provider, they go to the web. We make sure they find your website first and then call, email or chat you to schedule an appointment.


Comprehensive SEO and Website Marketing Strategy

Page 1 Solutions offers you a comprehensive SEO and website design strategy. Optimization ensures your site will be found on the first page. Award-winning designs make your website an attractive front office for your business and improve the user's experience on your site. Custom content gives clients and patients the information they need to choose you over your competitors.

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Get More Leads Now

Today's consumers search the Internet when they are looking for professional services. Capture the attention of these consumers with effective optimization. At Page 1 Solutions, we develop SEO strategies for:

If you do not have a website or your website is failing to generate business, we can develop a customized strategy to help you reach the people searching for dentists, attorneys, plastic surgeons and LASIK surgeons. You cannot afford to be absent from the web. We'll help you establish a strong Internet presence.

Effective SEO and Website Design

To increase leads, you need to stand apart on the web. With SEO, your website can be higher in the search results, enabling local and national consumers to reach your website before most others. We know how to build and optimize websites effectively for your specialty:

Dental: Your SEO strategy should convert Internet searchers into patients by promoting the unique aspects of your practice. Your website should show up in the search results for the dental services people are looking for, from tooth whitening to full mouth reconstruction.

Legal: Your law firm's website design and custom content should garner clients by communicating your hard-hitting, compassionate legal services. Whether you want local or national clients, or both, your SEO strategy should be delivering the cases you want.

Plastic Surgery: Your website should communicate the skills you possess and the high-quality results you have achieved. We will develop an SEO strategy enabling potential patients to reach your website to learn about plastic surgery procedures, view your gallery and contact you.

LASIK and Ophthalmology: We want people considering LASIK to find your website, and to learn about the safety and effectiveness of LASIK from your content. We can help you convert these website visitors into LASIK patients.

Do not let your website go unnoticed. Get in the top results and start converting visitors into clients or patients.

Contact Page 1 Solutions today or call 800-368-9910 to learn how we can help your practice succeed in your highly competitive market.